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Make It Work!

Project Runway Season 7 started on Lifetime a couple weeks ago and I am really impressed by all of the designers this season. It started with 16 incredibly talented designers, 2 of which are from the San Francisco Bay Area! My favorites are Amy who lives in Oakland and Seth Aaron that lives in San Diego!  Amy’s style is very fun, flirty and feminine. She rocked the 2nd challenge which was to make a cocktail dress out of a potato sack. Here are links to see photos of Amy and Seth Aaron’s work from the first 2 challenges:

Challenge 1: http://www.mylifetime.com/shows/project-runway/rate-the-runway/season-7-episode-1#id=1

Challenge 2: http://www.mylifetime.com/shows/project-runway/rate-the-runway/season-7-episode-2#id=1

Seth Aaron has a rocker style with a very youthful vibe. I like how modern his style is and it reminds me a little bit of Jeffrey Sebelia, Season 3 winner.

Challenge 1: http://www.mylifetime.com/shows/project-runway/rate-the-runway/season-7-episode-1#id=16

Challenge 2: http://www.mylifetime.com/shows/project-runway/rate-the-runway/season-7-episode-2#id=15

Challenge #3 was a team challenge, which I don’t really care for since you can’t see each designer’s creativity and strengths. Tim and Heidi are back along with Nina Garcia and Michael Kors.  I still love Tim Gunn, who is always so honest and helpful with his critiques. When are the designers going to learn that they will always do well if they follow Tim’s advice? Project Runway is back in NY and it’s definitely better than LA. Backdrops of Times Square, Bryant Park and Central Park are definitely much more exciting than the busy LA freeway shots.

This is the 2nd season that Lifetime is also running “Models of the Runway”, a reality show of the models of Project Runway and the drama that they endure with their designers. I only watched a couple episodes and gave up on it since I never really knew why the models of Project Runway also win if their designer wins. Oh well…

Well I definitely recommend watching this season of Project Runway. I think the creations this season are fashion forward and much more creative than past seasons. Don’t miss Challenge 4 of Thursday night on Lifetime!

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