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Spirit of Japantown Festival 9/26/09

Spirit of Japantown Festival 2009

Spirit of Japantown Festival - September 26, 2009

I am very excited to announce that I will be selling my new Melinda Mae handbags at the Spirit of Japantown Festival this Saturday, September 26th! This will be my second time as a vendor at this specific festival. I had such a great time last year checking out the other vendors, eating all of the great food and meeting new people. Here’s a photo of my booth from last year. Luckily, we were able to keep safe under our canopy from the crazy rain!

Spirit of Japantown Festival 2008

Spirit of Japantown Festival 2008

Every time there is a festival in Japantown San Jose, I always try to arrive early to pick up some shaved ice from the  Shuei-Do Manju shop on Jackson Street. Hopefully, I can sneak away from my booth for a second to grab some shaved ice, manju and mochi. mmmmmm…

This year, the festival is from 10am – 5pm and there will be a special performance by San Jose Taiko, FOOD, wine, sake, anime, martial arts, Kids Activity Zone, Import Car Show, flower and plant exhibits, craft vendors and much more! My booth will be located on Jackson Street, between 4th and 5th Street, Booth #A8. Please stop by and say HI! =)

If you are still hungry after the festival, there are some great restaurants right in Japantown San Jose. Try out Hukilau for some great Hawaiian food (I would recommend the kalua pork and tofu poke salad) or Okayama on 6th street for some great combination dinner boxes.  There’s also Kubota on 5th Street. It’s a bit on the pricey side but it’s really good! A new coffee shop opened up on the corner of 5th and Jackson called Roy’s, which is a great place to grab a coffee and chat with friends. And stop by Nijiya supermarket on Jackson street to pick up some yummy Japanese snacks (blueberry Pocky = DELICIOUSNESS!).  Kaita, which is across the street from Hukilau, has a great special that comes with Udon and Tuna Pokedon….amazing, but you have to try and go on a day when they have that special.

And if you’re looking to get a tattoo, State of Grace Tattoo Shop recently moved to Japantown San Jose and is located next to Kaita and the Shuei-Do Manju shop. State of Grace is known for their amazing artists and outrageously beautiful and detailed artwork. But call ahead…there is a waiting list for many of these well-known artists.

Hope to see you all at the Spirit of Japantown Festival on Saturday. I’ll be there all day at my booth so please stop by and check out the new products! Get a sneak peek on my website, www.melinda-mae.com.  See you soon! =)

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Name That Bag #2 Winner!

Thank you to all of you who left comments and named my new wristlet! Congratulations to MARIA PARAY for winning the Name That Bag #2 Contest!  Her suggestion for the new wristlet was Autumn Blossom an I think this name definitely fits this fabric. Maria will be winning her very own Autumn Blossom for winning the Name That Bag #2 Contest!

Autumn Blossom wristlet

Autumn Blossom wristlet

Thank you again to everyone who commented! Check back for the next Name That Bag Contest #3!

Hopefully I’ll see all of you at the Spirit of Japantown Festival this Saturday in San Jose Japantown! Please stop by my booth and say HI! =)

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Name That Bag Contest #2!

Hey everyone! I told you it was coming soon…another Name That Bag contest! This is the 2nd contest and I hope you all can come with a great name for this new fabric! My friend, Reina, picked up this fabric for me in Japan and I absolutely love it! So please leave comments with your suggested name and why. I can’t wait to hear what you come up with!



This contest will end on Friday, September 18th at 5pm….so hurry and leave your comments before then. The winner will win this wristlet and I will be using the suggested name on my Melinda Mae website!

Also…please save the date for Saturday, September 26th for the Spirit of Japantown Festival in San Jose Japantown from 10am – 5pm. There will be lots of good food, import car showcase, other vendors, entertainment and much more! Please stop by the Melinda Mae booth where I will belling my most recent designs. Hope to see you there!

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NEW Melinda Mae Products up!

Umbrella...ella...ella Large Bag

Umbrella...ella...ella Large Bag

I am so excited to announce that new Melinda Mae products are up on the Melinda Mae website! Please visit the Melinda Mae site and find new fabrics for large bags, medium bags, small bags, clutches and wristlets! Here is just a preview of some of the new bags you will find on the site!

Kimono Medium Bag

Kimono Medium Bag

Sexy clutch

Sexy clutch

Aquarius Wristlet

Aquarius Wristlet

Not only will you find new products, but you will also notice the shots that I took at Bryant Park as the new background shots on many of the pages. Have fun browsing the Melinda Mae site and let me know what you think of the new products!

Also, I will be selling my Melinda Mae handbags at the Spirit of Japantown Festival in Japantown San Jose on Saturday, September 26th from 10am – 5pm. I will be showcasing even more new products and many handbags that are made of vintage fabrics and are one of a kind. I’ll also have handbags of fabrics that I only have a few yards left of. So please come by and see if you can get your hands on one of these rare handbags! There will also be lots of good food and many other vendors….mmm…spam musubi…I can’t wait! For more information, please go to the Spirit of Japantown Festival website.

Check back soon for the next Name That Bag contest! =)

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