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MMJotW: Blackstreet – Before I Let You Go


Sometimes, you just need a good slow jam to listen to and bring you back to some real soulful love songs. This week, let’s get into some Blackstreet. Now I know I sound like an old grandpa reminiscing, but slow jams in the 90s were so good. I haven’t heard slow jams like Brian McKnight, Jagged Edge, Babyface, Shai, etc. in a long time. Maybe that’s what’s missing these days. Do you think slow jams like that will come back again? I really hope so. Here’s a little taste of what I’m talking about.

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MMJotW: “Lately”

I love old school R&B classics and no other jam is more classic than Stevie Wonder’s “Lately.” Many of you may have heard K-Ci & Jo-Jo’s version of “Lately” that they performed for MTV Unplugged back in the 90s. Stevie is amazing but the K-Ci & Jo-Jo version definitely has a special place in my heart, bringing me back to high school dance days. For your audio and visual pleasure, I have posted both versions here.

Added Bonuses/Notes:

  • Stevie’s video has Korean lyrics on it. what? wooooo
  • This is Stevie in his awesome 70s glory.
  • Does anyone remember K-Ci ever wearing a shirt?
  • This is K-Ci & Jo-Jo at their peak, showing off their super soulful voices.
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