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As I have been going to more vendor shows and meeting other designers, I am always impressed by the creativity, hard work and dedication that I witness in these designers’ products.  The craftmanship is always extremely detailed. And if you take a moment to think about how much time and energy was put into each product, it truly is inspiring.

I am going to start highlighting some of the amazing independent designers that I meet on the Melinda Mae Handbags blog. The first designer that I am going to feature is a UCSD alumni, Angelina Fong of Angelina Fong Designs! I first met Angelina when I was a student at UCSD and we crossed paths again years later when we found out that we had each started our own business!  Angelina is an awesome person and makes awesome products as well…but don’t take my word for it, let her tell you!

Melinda Mae Handbags (MMH): Please tell the Melinda Mae Handbags blog readers about your background.

Angelina Fong Designs (AFD): My professional background is actually in media. I’ve worked in everything from newspaper to movies to radio. I currently work full time in digital marketing.

MMH: Tell us about your company and your products.

AFD: I started my company back in April of last year and my focus is on handmade accessories, art and home decor.

MMH: What made you decide to turn your hobby into a business?

AFD: It actually came about more by accident than out of careful planning. I’d been making handmade items for myself and as gifts to friends and family for years. People always told me “you could totally sell this!”  but I always thought they were just being nice. To my surprise, around March of last year, I actually started to receive requests to buy my handmade items (mostly from coworkers and friends) and it just took off from there.

MMH: What inspires you and keeps you motivated?

AFD: As you can see, a lot of my designs and patterns are Asian-influenced. I’m very inspired by the Asian Arts. I also find a lot of inspiration for my work in nature and all the amazing colors and textures She has to offer, as well as jazz music.What keeps me motivated is the dream of one day being able to quit my day job and pursue AFD full time! But on a daily basis, what really keeps me going is the satisfaction I feel each time I finish another beautiful design and the positive reactions of my customers.

MMH: How do you decide on which fabrics to use?

AFD: This is a tough one. It’s really just a matter of my personal taste. Everything I make is something that I would want for myself and that’s how I go about choosing fabrics. I tend to be drawn towards colorful patterns. Again, I’m also drawn towards Asian-inspired prints, but also more simplistic, contemporary prints.

MMH: Where can people go to buy your fabulous products?

AFD: www.angelinafongdesigns.com and at Modern Mouse at the Alameda Towne Center.

MMH: What special offers do you have for MMH blog readers?

AFD: I’d like to offer an exclusive 10% discount to all your readers with code: MELINDA-MAE at checkout. On top of that, I’d also love to give away one of my Tadashi Zip Pouches– one of my most popular designs. To be entered in the give-away, please visit http://www.angelinafongdesigns.com and leave a comment on this blog post on which is your favorite AFD product by Friday, February 25th!

Angelina Fong Designs Tadashi Zip Pouch

Thanks Angelina for offering a discount and give-away to MMH readers! Thank you for also taking the time to introduce yourself and your products. You are truly talented and I wish you great success! Okay folks! Don’t forget to leave a comment about your favorite AFD product by 2/25 and be entered to win the Tadashi Zip Pouch!

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Calling all UCSD students and alum!

Thank you again to UCSD’s Fashion Quarterly magazine for featuring Melinda Mae handbags!  I wanted to remind you that I am still offering a 15% discount to all UCSD students and Alumni! Just use the code “UCSDFQ” when you purchase on my site, www.melinda-mae.com, to receive the 15% discount on your entire purchase. This offer ends on Sunday, February 14th!

I am also doing a raffle for a small Melinda Mae handbag for any UCSD students or alumni that join the Melinda Mae Facebook Fanpage at www.facebook.com/melindamae. All you have to do is leave a comment that says you are a UCSD student or alumni by February 14th and you are automatically entered into the raffle for the small Melinda Mae handbag! If you are already a Melinda Mae fan, just leave a comment and show me your UCSD pride! Here is the Melinda Mae small handbag that you can win!!

Melinda Mae Tokyo Small Handbag

Leave a comment on the Melinda Mae Facebook Fanpage by 2/14!

I’ll also be doing some future posts about UCSD and featuring a UCSD alumni designer! Look out for more contests!

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I miss college days a lot…it was so great being a college student. I miss being able to sleep in until noon, only having one hour of class and nothing else for the rest of the day, late nights chatting with friends and just having a fantastic time! I went to UCSD for college and I have so many amazing memories from those four years. I also met a bunch of really close friends that I am happy that I have still been able to keep in touch with.

So when I found out that a fashion magazine started at UCSD, I was super excited. Fashion Quarterly has just released their winter issue and they featured Melinda Mae! Not only is it great to be featured in their winter issue, but it feels even more special because the issue will be distributed throughout the UCSD campus! And because I LOVE UCSD so much, I’ve decided to give UCSD students an opportunity to receive a discount on any Melinda Mae online purchase and a chance to enter to win a Melinda Mae small bag! To retrieve the discount code, please read the Fashion Quarterly blog on Melinda Mae: http://fashionquarterly.blogspot.com/2010/01/pssst-ucsd-have-post-christmas-pressie.html

And if you’d like to be entered into the Melinda Mae small bag raffle, just join the Melinda Mae Facebook Fanpage (www.facebook.com/melindamae) and leave a comment before February 14th saying that you are a UCSD student or alumni! I will announce the winner after Valentine’s Day.

Aww…reminiscing about UCSD makes me so happy. I’m sure there will be more posts about UCSD and San Diego in the future. =) Thank you to Fashion Quarterly for featuring Melinda Mae! Keep up the great work!

UCSD Price Center

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Final Week Fabric Clearance!

This is the final week of the Fabric Clearance! This week I wanted to feature a fabric that I purchased in Tokyo in the Nippori district, which is the textile area of Tokyo. I really love this fabric because of the texture and design of the fabric.

Final Fabric Clearance!

Don’t forget! You can order any size bag in this fabric and you will receive a discount! Since this week is the FINAL week of the Fabric Clearance, I am offering 30% off any Melinda Mae products in this specific fabric! Please email me at info@melinda-mae.com or leave a comment on the blog if you would like to order a wristlet, clutch, small, medium or large Melinda Mae handbag in this week’s featured fabric. I will email you instructions on how to place your order and receive the 30% discount. I will also make sure that you receive your product in time for Christmas!

Please let me know if you have any questions and if you are interested in a custom order, I will definitely work with you to make sure you get the exact product you want. =)

Also, I am still have the Holiday Discount on ALL Melinda Mae products on my website: www.melinda-mae.com. Just enter the code “HOLIDAY09” to get the 10% discount on your entire order. Happy Shopping!

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Fabric Clearance: 20% off – Week 4!

It’s Week 4 of the Fabric Clearance and it’s getting closer and closer to Christmas! Around this time, I always get nervous about all the gifts I need to purchase and I feel like I’m running out of time! So if you’re feeling that way, hopefully you can take advantage of the Fabric Clearance, which continues until next Monday, and the Holiday 10% Discount (Code: HOLIDAY09) on all Melinda Mae products on www.melinda-mae.com.

Here is the Featured Fabric for Week 4 of the Fabric Clearance!

Fabric Clearance - Week 4

This is the 2nd to last Featured Fabric for the Fabric Clearance! If you order ANY Melinda Mae handbag in this featured fabric, you will get a 20% discount! Each fabric featured will be discounted for that week (Mon – Sun) only and while supplies last!  To order a wristlet, clutch, small, medium or large handbag for the specific fabric featured this week, just send me an email at info@melinda-mae.com and I will send you instructions on how to make your purchase with the 20% off discount code!

Hope everyone has a good week this week! I know it will be hard after the holiday…sigh… =P

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Marie Louise Cosmetics Discounts exclusively for Melinda Mae customers!

Marie Louise Cosmetics has generously offered a 20% discount for all Melinda Mae customers from now until 2010! Every Melinda Mae customer will receive the Marie Louise Cosmetics 20% discount to be used on the website, www.marielouisecosmetics.com, to buy the all of the Marie Louise Cosmetics.

Marie Louise Cosmetics

I have used some of the Marie Louise Cosmetics and I really love them! Marie Louise Cosmetics are made in Japan and use gentle ingredients to moisturize and cleanse your face.  The products that I especially love are the Moistraiser a-VC and the Restoration Clear Gel.

Moistraiser a-VC

The Moistraiser a-VC is a gentle toner that I have been using after I cleanse my face. After using this product, my skin feels smooth and clear. I have very sensitive skin but this product does not dry out my skin or irritate it. I only need about a quarter size amount and sweep it across my face.

Restoration Clear Gel

This cleanser is amazing! I use it once a week to exfoliate and cleanse my face. I use a couple pumps of this gel and massage it all over my face. As you massage your face, you can feel the dead skin shedding off. Then, just rinse and your face feels refreshed!

And if you go to the Marie Louise Cosmetics site now, you’ll see all of the great holiday deals that are going on right now! So when you purchase a Melinda Mae product from now until 2010, you will automatically receive a 20% discount on all Marie Louise Cosmetics! I hope that you love the Marie Louise products like I do!

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Fabric Clearance – Week 3! More discounts!

It is Thanksgiving this week and I am so excited for the massive amounts of turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy, biscuits and all the other fattening goodness to come! =) But before Turkey day comes along, here is the fabric for Week 3 of the Melinda Mae Fabric Clearance!

Fabric Clearanc - Week 3!

Every Monday through December 7th, I will post a picture of a specific fabric on this blog and if you order ANY Melinda Mae handbag in that fabric, you will get a 20% discount! Each fabric featured will be discounted for that week (Mon – Sun) only and while supplies last!  To order a wristlet, clutch, small, medium or large handbag for this specific fabric featured this week, just send me an email at info@melinda-mae.com and I will send you instructions on how to make your purchase with the 20% off discount code!

And since it’s Thanksgiving, I’d like to offer a 20% DISCOUNT for all Melinda Mae handbags for anyone that leaves a comment on my blog about what you are thankful for this year.  Don’t forget to leave your email and I will email you the discount code!

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving everyone! Eat lots! =)

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Fabric Clearance – Week 1!

Hey everyone! Along with the 10% Holiday Discounts, I will also be doing a Fabric Clearance on Melinda Mae handbags every Monday, starting today through December 7th!

Every Monday, I will post a picture of a specific fabric on this blog and if you order ANY Melinda Mae handbag in that fabric, you will get a 20% discount! Each fabric featured will be discounted for that week (Mon – Sun) only and while supplies last!

To order a wristlet, clutch, small, medium or large handbag for the specific fabric featured that week, just send me an email at info@melinda-mae.com and I will send you instructions on how to make your purchase with the 20% off discount code!

To kick off the fabric clearance, here is the first fabric choice! Remember you can choose ANY Melinda Mae handbag product to be made in this fabric!


Fabric Clearance - Week 1

Check back every Monday until December 7th for a new fabric to be featured in the fabric clearance! If you have any questions, leave a comment and I will reply ASAP or email me at info@melinda-mae.com! =)

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Discounts for the Holidays!

The holidays are coming quickly and it is my favorite time of the year! Everyone seems to be kinder during the holiday season…maybe it’s the over abundance of delicious food or the excitement of receiving gifts. Whatever it is, I love it! =)

So as a gift to my customers, I want to offer a Holiday Discount on ALL Melinda Mae handbags! Simply go to the Melinda Mae website at http://www.melinda-mae.com and browse all the wristlets, clutches, small, medium and large bags! Once you’ve made your decision, enter the code “HOLIDAY09” when you make your purchase and you’ll receive 10% off your entire order!

Also, I do custom orders so just email me if you have any special requests or would like a bag in a different size!

Here are some new Melinda Mae bags that I haven’t put up on the website yet but you can also order these! Just send me an email at info@melinda-mae.com. Happy Shopping!


Edamame clutch


Jungle wristlet


Grey Area Large Tote


Tokyo Small Bag


Mandarin Small Bag

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