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Chicago Part 3: Good Eats!

I was only in Chicago for a few days but I was able to enjoy some of the yummy food that Chicago has to offer. I definitely want to go back to try more of the recommended restaurants. What I did notice was that there was a large emphasis on meat! I felt like I ate a ton of meat! First stop, Gino’s East Pizzeria!

Gino's East

Chicago is known for its deep dish pizza and I have heard that Gino’s East is one of the best. There are several locations in Chicago so I walked to the one closest to my hotel. And of course, a long line had formed in front of the restaurant. When I asked how long the wait would be, the hostess said an hour and a half wait in line and then another 45 minutes inside once we order. Goodness…I was so hungry! So to cut the wait down, I placed a to-go order for a Gino’s East Meaty Legend Deep Dish Pizza, which consisted of Italian sausage, pepperoni, bacon and cheese. I also added some green bell peppers just to feel better that I had eaten some vegetables.

Inside Gino's East


The deep dish pizza was definitely delicious! My eyes were way bigger than my stomach so I was only able to eat one large slice. Luckily, I got hungry again later and ate more! YUM! I would definitely go back but I would try one of their other deep dish pizzas next time.

Next up, Portillo’s for famous Chicago Italian Beef sandwich and Hot Dogs. I ordered fries to go with the sandwiches and I was set. The restaurant was large and bustling. There was a long line to order and an even longer line for pick-up. Waiting for the pick-up was entertaining since their was a cashier that was dancing and singing while calling out orders.

Inside Portillo's

Pick-up area @ Portillo's

Portillo's Hot Dogs

I usually like hot dogs, but I felt like this hot dog was better than any other hot dog I had ever had. And after I finished, I felt like I was craving that hot dog several times throughout the trip. I don’t remember ever craving a hot dog. haha The Italian Beef Sandwich was also really good…but like I said, a lot of meat!

Portillo's Italian Beef Sandwich

Then came the best restaurant of the trip, The Bongo Room in Wicker Park.

Inside The Bongo Room

I had seen a commercial about the unique breakfast foods offered at this restaurant so I cabbed it over to Wicker Park to see what deliciousness I could find. And deliciousness is exactly what I found! I ordered the Chocolate Tower French Toast which was french toast with chocolate inserted between the toast. Bananas were placed on top with banana creme brulee surrounding the french toast. This was the best french toast I have ever had. I also ordered hash browns and the potatoes were perfectly seasoned.

Chocolate Tower French Toast @ The Bongo Room

These are just a few of the good eats that I ate at in Chicago. I also ate at Gibson’s Steakhouse which had a really good peppercorn steak. I tried Frontera Grill and was a bit disappointed by the food. The food seemed a bit salty for my taste and I wasn’t impressed with the enchiladas that I ordered.

If you know of any other foods or restaurants I should try next time, please let me know! Thanks!

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