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I’m with COCO!

I'm with Coco!

A couple weeks ago, I was lucky enough to see CONAN O’BRIEN live at the San Francisco Masonic Home and he was even funnier now that I can’t see him every night on the Tonight Show.  I was sad when Conan went off the air, especially since I don’t find Jay Leno or David Letterman funny at all.  The San Francisco Masonic Home was packed with COCO fans sporting posters, orange wigs, glowsticks and ready for extreme laughter.

San Francisco Masonic Home

Conan opened the show with a video clip of what his life has been like in the last 3 months since he was “released” from NBC.

The clip showed Conan sporting a long beard and belly surrounded by beer and pizza while waiting for a gig.

Throughout the show, there was a number of references to the events that has caused Conan to go on this “Legally Prohibited from Being Funny on Television” Tour. I thought Conan was hilarious in his stand up and even funnier when he brought up recurring skits and jokes from his Tonight Show days.

Conan played the guitar often and sang multiple songs. He even sang with surprise guest rockabilly singer, Chris Isaak. Conan’s band was behind him the whole show including La Bamba, but minus Max Weinberg. Andy Richter was also there to be Conan’s side-kick and Conan’s writer, Deon Cole, had a pretty amusing stand-up routine.

The Masterbating Bear!

Some enjoyable moments included Conan transforming his character, the Masterbating Bear, into the Self-Pleasuring Panda and having a clip of Triumph the Insult Dog, which was dubbed deliberately to include San Francisco specific hotspots.There was also a nice mention of Sam Wo, the Chinatown restaurant that Conan visited in 2007, which was the last time he performed in SF.

What I enjoyed the most about Conan’s television shows and his live performance is his “Walker, Texas Ranger” clips, which highlight all of the most ridiculous scenes from the Chuck Norris show. But since the lever is technically “intellectual property” of NBC, Conan changed the name to the Rural Policeman Handle. With this part of the show, Conan showed about 5 quick snippets of the show, which had everyone crying with laughter. Ok, maybe it was just me. haha Conan ended the show with a song and ran into the audience, while singing and playing the guitar. Then giant yellow beach balls with Conan’s signature cartoon face were tossed into the crowd. I tried to grab one but I was much too far away. sad.

I know Conan is sold out for most of his shows but if you are lucky enough to get a ticket, you’ll have a full night of hearty laughter and extreme silliness. And if you can’t get a ticket, just wait until November 2010 to see him back on TV on TBS!

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