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Melinda Mae 2010 Baby Bags!

Melinda Mae Baby Bag!

Announcing the 2010 Melinda Mae Baby Bag! Every year, I introduce a new design and this year is the Melinda Mae Baby Bag! I thought this would be a great new design since I have so many friends that are either expecting, just had a baby or planning to have a baby soon! Here are a couple of examples of Melinda Mae Baby Bags that have already been made and their descriptions:

Melinda Mae Baby Bag!

The Melinda Mae Baby Bags have heavy duty straps for heavy items such as full baby bottles, toys, wipes, etc. There is a shoulder strap and hand straps, depending on what is easier for each person to carry. There are two exterior elastic pockets, perfect for easy access to bottles, cell phone, keys and/or sunglasses. There is a zipper closure at the top to keep all of your items inside.

Look Inside!

Within the baby bag, you will find 3 elastic pockets for more bottles and keeping items in their place. There is also the option of adding an additional 3 elastic pockets to the interior!

Take a closer look!

On the bottom of the bag, there is a plastic piece to help to keep the shape of the bottom of the bag. The bag is also lined with fleece for extra padded cushioning. ¬†The Melinda Mae Baby Bag measures 5″ wide x 16″ long x 12″ tall so it is not too overwhelming large.

Another Melinda Mae Baby Bag!

oooo..look what's inside!

Melinda Mae Baby Bags are currently by custom order only since there are so many possibilities with design and pattern combinations! The possibilities are endless! =) For more details and to order a custom Melinda Mae Baby Bag, please contact me at info@melinda-mae.com. Welcome to the world Melinda Mae Baby Bags! =)

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