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MMJotW: “So High” – Ghost Loft

I found this song on my new best friend, Songza. I have been switching back and forth throughout the day from Spotify to Pandora to Songza, depending on my mood. But lately, Songza has really been hitting my musical spot.  I usually do a very elegant dance with all three of these music services. I search for indie music through Songza, listen to awesome 90s jams on Pandora and catch all my fave tracks on Spotify. I didn’t realize how much music really makes a difference in my day. I can’t seem to concentrate unless I have the right songs to match my mood and can help provide the perfect soundtrack for my life at the moment.  Do any of you feel the same way? Which are your fave playlists on Songza?

This week’s song is “So High” by Ghost Loft. Just FYI, this video may be slightly NSFW, depending on your workplace.  If you can’t watch the video, I hope you can at least enjoy the song. 

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MMJotW: Beta Love – Ra Ra Riot

Watch the video and immerse yourself in 80s fabulousness. 

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