MMJotW: The Civil Wars “Tip of My Tongue”

I love the way that The Civil Wars sound. Their sound is very smooth and soothing and the blend of their voices is beautiful. They remind me a lot of of Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova of the Swell Season and the movie, “Once”. I feel like they could be perfectly cast for the musical, “Once,” since their sound and voices are so similar to that of the original actors especially this song, “To Whom It May Concern.” Some of their music has also been featured on the TV show, “Nashville”.  The Civil Wars’ album “Barton Hollow” has a lot of really amazing and underrated songs so please listen if you like this song.

I was excited to potentially catch them live but unfortunately, they decided to break apart this past November and cancelled all of their tour dates. =(  Hopefully they will get back together and continue to make music. There is something very genuine and touching about their music. You’ll have to hear for yourself…”Tip of My Tongue.”


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One thought on “MMJotW: The Civil Wars “Tip of My Tongue”

  1. Jonathan H says:

    Nice tune. They’re sure to get back together; that’s what the Civil War was about, right? Seems like she’s having a blast performing with him, so I’m guessing scruffy bowtie was the one to secede.

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