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MMJotW: “Lately”

I love old school R&B classics and no other jam is more classic than Stevie Wonder’s “Lately.” Many of you may have heard K-Ci & Jo-Jo’s version of “Lately” that they performed for MTV Unplugged back in the 90s. Stevie is amazing but the K-Ci & Jo-Jo version definitely has a special place in my heart, bringing me back to high school dance days. For your audio and visual pleasure, I have posted both versions here.

Added Bonuses/Notes:

  • Stevie’s video has Korean lyrics on it. what? wooooo
  • This is Stevie in his awesome 70s glory.
  • Does anyone remember K-Ci ever wearing a shirt?
  • This is K-Ci & Jo-Jo at their peak, showing off their super soulful voices.
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MMJotW: “Tiger” – Emeli Sande

I still love listening to Emeli Sande. Listen to the lyrics of her song, “Tiger” and you’ll love too.


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More Bob Marley to get through the storm!


I’m increasing my reggae intake to get me through this crazy storm that is coming! If I turn the heater on full blast and turn up Bob Marley, I just need to close my eyes to pretend I’m on an island. =) Can’t you picture the palm trees and taste the pineapples? Okay I know it’s a stretch but hopefully you still enjoy some classic Bob Marley. Stay safe and warm!

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More reggae for the week…

I’m still dreaming about the sun and sand…so I wanted to share more reggae this week to get us all in the mood for summer. Here is Bob Marley’s classic, “Is this Love”. I love this song and almost every cover of it. Can you imagine lying in a hammock and sipping on a fruity drink while listening to this song?

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Some Hawaiian Reggae for the week…

This week’s MMJotW is Anuhea’s song “Only Man in the World” featuring Tarrus Riley. I’m thinking the cold weather is making me want to listen to only Hawaiian and Reggae songs lately. I just keep imagining the sound of waves crashing and laying in the warm sand…sigh…hopefully very soon! I’m also super craving Hawaiian food. Anyone else want to join me for loco mocos, spam musubi and kalua pork? mmmm…anyone? Have a wonderful week and stay warm! 

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