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Here comes 2013! (and a bit of Emeli Sande)

Hello everyone! I don’t know about you, but 2012 came to a close so quickly for me. This whole year has been a big blur and reflecting back on the year, it’s hard for me to recall all of the details. What I do remember is that 2012 was filled with lots of laughter, love, good friends, memorable moments with family, amazing live music and a plethora of delicious food!
I am very thankful for all of the experiences that I have had this year and the fabulous friends that I have met. I don’t usually do New Year’s resolutions but this year, I definitely want to remember to be grateful for well, everything, whether it be good or bad. I’m really hoping to focus my energies on appreciating the good things that bring happiness and the learning moments that have taught me so much.
Another resolution I have is to inspire kindness. With all that has been happening recently, we can all definitely benefit from being more kind to each other. So this year, I want to document random acts of kindness that I engage in this year and I’m hoping that I can do at least one act of kindness daily. These acts can range anywhere from opening a door for someone, lending an ear to a friend, giving food to the homeless, telling a family member how much you care or donating to a charity. I would love to hear your ideas of other acts of kindness that we can all engage in daily. These acts can be simple but can bring a lot of happiness to each of us. And studies have shown that showing compassion to others can also make us happier as well. Check out the Random Acts of Kindness Foundation for stories of kindness and to learn more about spreading kindness to others.
So this year, the Melinda Mae blog will be a mishmash of music, fashion, handbags, silly things, random acts of kindness, food and much more. Thank you to those of you that continue to follow my blog and I wish you all a fabulous 2013! I love hearing from you as well so please keep sharing the things in your life that you are passionate about too!
HUGS, Melinda Mae

P.S. I included Emeli Sande’s song “Where I Sleep” because she talks about when times are changing and when things are uncertain, to keep remembering love.

MM Jam of the Week: “Glow” – Kelis

This week’s MMJotW is Kelis’ “Glow”, which features Raphael Saddiq. I am really feeling the smooth groove of this song and any song that involves Raphael Saddiq is golden. What ever happened to Kelis too?
I know Raphael Saddiq is still jamming and I’m waiting for him to go on tour again because seeing him live was incredible. Plus, he has so many hits from Tony, Toni, Tone; Lucy Pearl and his solo albums. Anyways…enjoy “Glow!” Have a great week!

MM Jam of the Week: The Rain

It’s been awhile so I owe you all a big batch of jams. For this week, let’s start with Missy Elliot’s 1997 jam, “The Rain.” It’s always an awesome beat when you have a collabo with Missy and Timberland. This song is dedicated all of the people walking around NYC in their puffer jackets for protection from the rain and the cold.


Every time I see someone walk around in their Uniqlo puffer jacket, I immediately think of this song and video. I hope you enjoy this throwback! And is anyone else wondering what happened to Missy?