MM Jam of the Week: Jason Mraz “If It Kills Me”

I can not stop listening to this song…I have always liked Jason Mraz since I saw him live in San Diego in 1999, but his recorded tracks do not compare to his live sessions. So the version of “If It Kills Me” that has been stuck in my head is from his live Casa Nova session.  Here is a live version of the song from one of his concerts…awesome…

I was reminded of the song “If It Kills Me” recently since it was used for one of my favorite routines on So You Think You Can Dance. I am a huge fan of SYTYCD and this piece was beautifully choreographed by Travis Wall and danced by Jeanine and Jason a few seasons ago. SYTYCD just started up again so I am anxious to see some more great choreo from Travis Wall. Here is the piece…watch a few times to truly appreciate the intricacies of his choreography.


One thought on “MM Jam of the Week: Jason Mraz “If It Kills Me”

  1. Jonathan H says:

    Nice song. Crazy choreo, impressive stuff. Small guitar, big heart. Sexy times.

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