AIDS Walk NY Recap

Thank you to all of you that sponsored me for AIDS Walk NY and helped to raise funds for HIV/AIDS services in the New York area! This was my first time walking in NY and I was able to enjoy it with 45,000 other NY walkers!

Ready, set, GOOOO!

The 6.2 mile walk started at Central Park, through the Upper West Side, along Riverside Park and ended back at Central Park. The walk had lots of celebrities there as well. Nick Jonas and Vincent Kartheiser (Pete Campbell from Mad Men) were supposedly walking too but I didn’t run into them. I was really hoping to meet Pete Campbell in person. Here are the celebrities I did see:

Dot Jones (Coach Beiste from Glee)

Michael Jackson from the Thriller video and the Coke commercial?

Even teddy bears care about HIV/AIDS services!

Minnie Mouse

15nyc Designer, Vivian Kong

Balloon People

Sweet Dee

It was a perfect way to enjoy New York City and raise funds for work that I feel passionately about. More thank yous for the HIV Test Counselors again…I know I’ve said it before but you all are much loved for all the great work that you do.  Again, thank you to all of you that sponsored Team Melinda Mae this year! Who wants to be on Team Melinda Mae for AIDS Walk NY 2013?




2 thoughts on “AIDS Walk NY Recap

  1. Hey! I’m the Michael Jackson with the “Beat It” jacket 😀

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