Team Melinda Mae @ AIDS Walk NY

In 2009, Team Melinda Mae made an impressive showing at the San Francisco AIDS Walk and raised funds for HIV/AIDS Services and preventative programs in the San Francisco Bay Area.

2009 Team Melinda Mae @ SF AIDS Walk

This year, Team Melinda Mae will be participating in AIDS Walk New York to raise funds for HIV/AIDS services and preventative programs in New York City on Sunday, May 20th! This year’s team will be smaller but the goal is the same in providing hope for a cure for HIV and AIDS.

HIV/AIDS has been a very important issue for me over the past 14 years as I have working within the health field and have seen the impact that it has on all of us. My thanks and appreciation go out to all of you working within the HIV field in all areas of support, especially to my fellow HIV test counselors. Much love!

It’s me, Melinda Mae!

If you’d like to donate to AIDS Walk NY and sponsor Melinda Mae, please go to the donation page HERE. Or if you are in the NYC area on Sunday, May 20th, please join Team Melinda Mae! =)


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