Inspirational Relationships

Today I read an article on “inspirational relationships”. The psychologist defined inspired relationships as the people that we surround ourselves with that constantly inspire and encourage us to be our very best. The psychologist encourages all of us to ONLY surround ourselves with inspirational relationships since these are the people who help us to find our authentic selves.

As I read the article, I thought about all of the inspirational relationships that I have within my life and how grateful I am for each of them. Throughout the 5 years that Melinda Mae Handbags has been in existence, I have been able to meet so many talented designers, artists, entrepreneurs and friends. I consider all of these relationships to be truly inspirational as I was able to learn so much from them and they helped Melinda Mae to continually improve.

Those inspirational relationships were immediately obvious to me but there are so many more relationships that I have within my life that have genuinely inspired me throughout my life such as the friend that encourages me to dream in detail, my sister that checks in with me to make sure that I am okay, the friend that never fails to respond to an email/text, the friend that constantly asks about my goals, the friend that challenges me to ask “why?”, the friend with the blatantly honest opinion and is not afraid to share, the friend that knew exactly what I need at the perfect time, the friend with the best hugz, the friend that always sees the positive no matter what, the family that will be there for me through highs and lows, the prankster that can drag a helium tank into my office and the friend that reads each and every blog post. =)

Well you get the idea. There are just a few of the people within my life that continually encourage me to become my best self and I am extremely grateful. I encourage you to think about those inspirational relationships within your life and be thankful that they are always there to make sure that you know you can achieve your dreams.

My three most Inspirational Relationships ❤


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