MM Jam of the Week: Tings Tings “the drums…the drums…”

This week’s MM Jam of the Week is the Tings Tings once again! If you can recall, the Ting Tings’ song “That’s Not My Name” was a MM Jam of the week a few months ago. The reason to bring back the Ting Tings again is because I was fortunate enough to see them perform live at Webster Hall in New York last week. They were so awesome live and incredible for only having two people on stage. The Ting Tings is Jules de Martino and Katie White from England and both are extremely talented at playing multiple instruments and providing the vocals within each song. At one point, I saw Jules play the drums, guitar, tamborine, sing and use a turn table all within one song. The Ting Tings were able to entertain the crowd and get them dancing while singing along. What made me love the Ting Tings even more was that Katie was wearing a KidRobot Dunny hat! I love Dunnys! Here’s “Great DJ” by The Ting Tings for your MM Jam of the Week and some photos from the show!

Webster Hall NYC

The Ting Tings


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