Monthly Archives: December 2011

MM Jam of the Week: Happy Holidays!

Sorry for posting so late but it’s been a very very busy holiday season! I wanted to post up a few of my favorite holiday jams for all of you. I usually get annoyed when holiday music is blasting through the shopping malls, but these songs, I always love to hear. Hope it gets you all pumped up for Christmas! Wishing you all a very wonderful and safe holiday! =)

This jam is my fave that always gets covered, but I love Mariah Carey’s version the best.

All you have to know is that it’s Wham! How can you go wrong? Plus awesome 80s fashion and mullets.

oooh I love this song…and here is the Glee version! yay!

MM Jam of the Week: Jose James

Jose James is my new favorite artist. I can not stop listening to his music. I just recently saw him live and it was by far, one of the best live sessions that I have ever been to. His music is a mix of jazz and soul mixed a very smooth flavor. This week’s MM Jam of the Week is one of his new songs, “Trouble”.  Please enjoy and I have added some shots of his live performance that I took recently. =)

Another opportunity for Holiday Shopping!

Is anyone completely done with all of their holiday shopping? Have you even made a dent? Well here’s another opportunity to pick up one of a kind gifts.

This Saturday (12/10), Melinda Mae Handbags will be at the Holiday Bazaar in Burlingame along with several other independent designers! The event is hosted by Mayari Jewelry and will be held at 755 California Drive in Burlingame from 3-7pm. The event is FREE and there will be refreshments and live music while you shop! Hope you can make it out! This will be the last show for Melinda Mae Handbags in 2011…happy holidays and happy shopping!

MM Jam of the Week: Ascension

Anyone who really knows my musical taste knows that I absolutely love Maxwell. I love his stuff from the 90s and I love his current songs now. I was fortunate enough to see him live a couple years ago and I would so love to see him again live. His voice and lyrics are truly awesome. All of his songs have very genuine and sincere lyrics…especially his newest album, BlackSummers’night. Here’s one of my faves from back in the day, before the haircut…Enjoy!