Another Melinda Mae Supermodel

As I am preparing for this busy holiday season, I have been receiving some great pictures of Melinda Mae customers and their Melinda Mae handbags! Thank you all for sending them! Please keep the pictures coming! I really do love seeing where Melinda Mae Handbags are going…I know that, so far, Melinda Mae has reached West Africa, Spain, Guam, Italy, Hong Kong and I am hoping to hear of more locations. So please let me know if you bring your Melinda Mae handbag with you on your travels!

Also in the process of gathering photos, I was able to scout another Melinda Mae Handbag Supermodel. Let me know what you think!

Not only is this new supermodel showing the fall fashion trends with her white fur vest, but she also carries her essentials with her in her Melinda Mae wristlet.

Diaper? Check.

Welcome MCS to the Melinda Mae Supermodel World! =)


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