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Bazaar Bizarre this weekend!

I can’t believe December came so quickly this year! This weekend is the Bazaar Bizarre in SF and it is the first year that Melinda Mae Handbags will be a vendor! I am extremely excited, but also very nervous! The show is both Saturday, December 3rd and Sunday, December 4th. The event is FREE and will feature over 220 vendors! And some of my great friends from ViviKids, Fat Rabbit Farm, Monkey+Seal, fellow SF Etsy Team Members and many more will be there too! I really hope you can make it out to support DIY and to get one of kind holiday gifts! I’ll be at Booth #123…see you Saturday or Sunday! =)

MM Jam of the Week: Allen Stone “Contact High”

Thank you so much to Mr. James O’Shea for suggesting Allen Stone to me. He sounds amazing and was recently featured on Conan. What I love most about him is that he looks so different from how he actually sounds.  I hope you enjoy his soulful voice. This song goes out to all of you that are glued to your phones every second of the day. ha

Check the blog tomorrow for info on the Bazaar Bizarre Holiday Show happening this weekend in SF!

MM Jam of the Week: Get Rick Rolled…

This week’s MM Jam of the Week is dedicated to VW, who suggested this jam of the week! Thanks VW! =) Definitely a nice blast to the past, specifically 1988.  Enjoy the jam…!

MM Jam of the Week: PENTATONIX

I must admit…I am a HUGE fan of the NBC show, The Sing-Off! I have watched every episode since the show first started and it is now in its third season. If you have never watched the show, it is an acapella competition between groups from all over America…no bands or instruments…just their voices. And there are some truly amazing singers on the show. This season, my favorite groups have been Delilah and Pentatonix. Unfortunately, Delilah was voted off last week by the show’s judges, Shawn Stockman, Sara Bareilles and Ben Folds. This week, the groups had to perform two R&B songs and my favorite performance of the night was Pentatonix’s version of Marvin Gaye’s classic, “Let’s Get It On.” If you have not watched the show yet, I highly recommend it if you enjoy musicality, unique arrangements and watching truly talented performers. Next week, the audience has the chance to vote so please vote to keep Pentatonix on! I am blown away by them each week. Take a look at their version of “Let’s Get It On”:

Another Melinda Mae Supermodel

As I am preparing for this busy holiday season, I have been receiving some great pictures of Melinda Mae customers and their Melinda Mae handbags! Thank you all for sending them! Please keep the pictures coming! I really do love seeing where Melinda Mae Handbags are going…I know that, so far, Melinda Mae has reached West Africa, Spain, Guam, Italy, Hong Kong and I am hoping to hear of more locations. So please let me know if you bring your Melinda Mae handbag with you on your travels!

Also in the process of gathering photos, I was able to scout another Melinda Mae Handbag Supermodel. Let me know what you think!

Not only is this new supermodel showing the fall fashion trends with her white fur vest, but she also carries her essentials with her in her Melinda Mae wristlet.

Diaper? Check.

Welcome MCS to the Melinda Mae Supermodel World! =)

JingleFest 2011: November 20th

So I had mentioned that I had back to back shows coming up, so don’t forget, Saturday (November 19th) will be the Bg Craft Fest in Walnut Creek ( Then on Sunday (November 20th), Melinda Mae Handbags will be at Jingle Fest 2011 at Napredak Hall in San Jose.

This is the 2nd year of Jingle Fest and there will be a wide range of vendors that will be perfect for your holiday shopping needs! =) The event is FREE and runs from 10am – 4pm. Last year, it was a bit chilly inside the hall, but hopefully it won’t be raining that weekend. Hope to see you all there! For more info, here is the flyer:

MM Jam of the Week: Dream a Little Dream

This week’s MM Jam of the Week is a song that I have loved for a very long time, “Dream a Little Dream”. A good friend of mine told me about this great artist named Sophie Madeleine. Her voice is so beautiful and she plays the ukulele for many of her songs, which is so soothing and relaxing. And lucky for me, she did a cover of “Dream a Little Dream”. If you have some time, please do listen to her other songs. Her voice is a wonderful way to make the work day go by faster. Thank you JT for sharing. =)

I think next week…we’ll bring it back to the 90s…. !

Busy Holiday Season for MM

Now that Halloween is over and November is here, it’s time to go shopping for holiday gifts! This means that I need to get ready for all of the holiday shows coming up! This season, Melinda Mae has TWO back-to-back weekend shows….the first back-to-back weekend starts on Saturday, November 19th.

The Bg Craft Fest will be held on Saturday, November 19th from 10am – 5pm at the Bedford Gallery in Walnut Creek. The event is FREE and you can also explore the gallery’s other works of art on display. The Bedford Gallery is in downtown Walnut Creek so you can also explore the area which has other great holiday shopping spots such as Nordstrom, Urban Outfitters, Macy’s, Crate and Barrel, H&M, Victoria’s Secret and so much more! This will be my 3rd year participating in the Bg Craft Fest and every year, I love seeing all of wonderful designers that sell at this event.  And to get you in the holiday mood, they also sell hot apple cider! Hope you can make it out! Stay tuned for info on the other holiday shows and some sneak peeks at the Melinda Mae bags debuting at the show! For more info on the Bg Craft Fest, visit Check out the flyer below:

MM Jam of the Week: Mayer Hawthorne

Hello all….Sorry for the day late Jam of the Week! Here is the song that I have been playing on repeat this week. I love it…Thanks BH and ST for sharing with me! The video is very cute too. Hope you love it too!