Monthly Archives: October 2011

MM Jam of the Week: Powerful Stuff

Hi all! This week’s MM Jam of the Week was plucked from a Subaru commercial. Ha…yes a Subaru commercial. It’s not because I loved the car but I absolutely love the song. It’s a very cute commercial too btw. ha Enjoy!

MM Jam of the Week: Polaris @ Noon

Hi all! Sorry for not posting jams for the past couple of weeks…but to make it up, I am bringing you some awesome music from an up and coming band from Orange County, Polaris at Noon. I recently attended the music festival, Left Coast Live, and was lucky enough to catch Polaris at Noon performing. I had never heard of them prior to this festival, but I was hooked from the first moment that I heard them playing. I immediately bought their CD, which includes 5 amazing tracks that I can not stop listening to. Their music is a mix of electronic, pop and rock with soothing vocals from lead singer, Jason Suwito. I hope you enjoy this live version of one of their great songs, “Mia Satellite”. I love new music!

MM Jam of the Week: Outstanding!

This week’s MM Jam of the Week is one of those songs that can always bring a smile to my face: “Outstanding” by The Gap Band from the 70s. It’s such a feel-good song so I hope this starts your week off with a very good feeling…enjoy!