The trend that will never end!

Some of you may remember that I posted a few years ago about the fashion trend hitting every male, the popped collar (Melinda Mae Blog: Pop Your Collar). Even though I wrote that post back in 2009, popped collars are still making their ways into everyday life.

Los Angeles, CA

The last time I posted photos, it was in the fashion capital of America, New York City. This time the photo was taken in downtown Los Angeles, which is another location known for fashion trends. So disappointing. Then as I was watching the new season of “The Singoff”, I was saddened to see a high school acapella group from Oregon. I was not saddened by their singing because they were very good, but mainly disappointed by their outfits.

Soul'd Out

Not only are all the male members of their team wearing their collars popped, but to make matters worse, the teal popped collar polo shirts are doubled up with hot pink popped collar polo shirts. I hope this isn’t a sign that high schoolers are all popping their collars. If you’d like a closer look at one of my biggest fashion pet peeve, check out this video below.

When will this trend end? I anxiously await the days that polo shirts can be worn normally. And thank goodness that summer is ending…my other fashion pet peeve of pockets sticking out from under shorts is going away. YAY! eeeekkk


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