SJMade is here again on September 17th!

Get ready! SJMade is back again and I am SUPER excited! The lovely folks behind SJMade are hosting SJMade at the brand new San Pedro Square Market. You’ll find more amazing local designers alongside San Pedro Square Market merchants. This time SJMade is 2 days, Saturday, September 17th and Sunday, September 18th from 11am – 7pm. Unfortunately, Melinda Mae Handbags will only be at the event on Saturday, September 17th. Melinda Mae Handbags will be at the Capsule Design Festival in San Francisco on Sunday, September 18th. More info on Capsule Design Festival to come soon!

The event is free and SJEats will also be in attendance, which means food trucks full of deliciousness! For more info, visit Hope you can make it out to SJMade…go early if you want to enjoy SJEats.

Stay tuned for info on Capsule Design Festival! Hope to see you at one of the back-to-back events!



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