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Melinda Mae x Fat Rabbit Farm Collabo!

Melinda Mae x Fat Rabbit Farm Collabo Exclusive!

I am overjoyed to announce the Melinda Mae Handbags x Fat Rabbit Farm Collaboration wristlets! My friends at Fat Rabbit Farm are celebrating their 5 year anniversary with special edition t-shirts and limited Melinda Mae x Fat Rabbit Farm wristlets!

There are less than 30 wristlets available and they are going fast! To purchase your very own limited edition wristlet, go to Fat Rabbit Farm’s website. The fabric of the wristlets features Babee, Fat Rabbit Farm’s cute and cuddly main character. There is pink lining to match Babee’s favorite food, her ice cream!

Each wristlet even comes with a special Fat Rabbit Farm charm!

And while you are checking out the wristlets, be sure to shop for their super cute t-shirts, belts, prints and much more. Here’s my favorite FRF t-shirt, the Yummy Bento shirt…now available on the Fat Rabbit Farm site!

Happy 5th Anniversary  to Babee and the Fat Rabbit Farm crew!  Thanks so much for the awesome opportunity to collab with you! =)

The trend that will never end!

Some of you may remember that I posted a few years ago about the fashion trend hitting every male, the popped collar (Melinda Mae Blog: Pop Your Collar). Even though I wrote that post back in 2009, popped collars are still making their ways into everyday life.

Los Angeles, CA

The last time I posted photos, it was in the fashion capital of America, New York City. This time the photo was taken in downtown Los Angeles, which is another location known for fashion trends. So disappointing. Then as I was watching the new season of “The Singoff”, I was saddened to see a high school acapella group from Oregon. I was not saddened by their singing because they were very good, but mainly disappointed by their outfits.

Soul'd Out

Not only are all the male members of their team wearing their collars popped, but to make matters worse, the teal popped collar polo shirts are doubled up with hot pink popped collar polo shirts. I hope this isn’t a sign that high schoolers are all popping their collars. If you’d like a closer look at one of my biggest fashion pet peeve, check out this video below.

When will this trend end? I anxiously await the days that polo shirts can be worn normally. And thank goodness that summer is ending…my other fashion pet peeve of pockets sticking out from under shorts is going away. YAY! eeeekkk

MM Jam of the Week: Maroon 5

A couple weeks ago I was lucky enough to attend the Maroon 5 and Train concert. Maroon 5 is one of my favorite bands so I could not wait to hear them live! I’ll post some photos later for you all to check out. So this week’s MM Jam of the Week is my favorite Maroon 5 song. I hope you enjoy!

Capsule Design Festival 9/18

Sorry for the late post…I’m busy busy getting ready for SJMade tomorrow and for Capsule Design Festival on Sunday, 9/18!

I already told you all about SJMade, but I wanted to give you all of the info about Capsule Design Festival! The event will be taking place in Hayes Valley in San Francisco from 11am – 6pm. I will be setting up my booth in the same general area that I  usually am but this time, I am at a corner spot on Octavia Street and Linden Street, Booth #123! There will be plenty of fabulous local vendors including my friends at RoyadeRose Jewelry and BonBonSew. Here’s all the info for Capsule:

Capsule Design Festival
Sunday, 9/18, 11am – 6pm
Octavia St. and Linden St., Booth #123 (near Hayes Valley Park)
Hayes Valley, SF
FREE event

So there’s something for everyone this weekend! South Bay folks: head to SJMADE and SF folks: see you at Capsule! =)

MM Jam of the Week: Isn’t She Lovely

This week’s MM Jam of the Week is “Isn’t She Lovely” by Stevie Wonder. Stevie wrote this song for his 1976 album and wrote it about his daughter, Aisha. Aisha is actually shone singing backup for Stevie in this live version of “Isn’t She Lovely”, which includes Stevie Wonder singing “Sunshine of My Life” (another one of my fave Stevie songs). This week’s MM Jam of the Week is dedicated to my sister, her husband and their brand new baby girl, who is so very lovely. =)

Stay tuned for more info on Capsule Design Festival SF happening this Sunday, September 18th!

SJMade is here again on September 17th!

Get ready! SJMade is back again and I am SUPER excited! The lovely folks behind SJMade are hosting SJMade at the brand new San Pedro Square Market. You’ll find more amazing local designers alongside San Pedro Square Market merchants. This time SJMade is 2 days, Saturday, September 17th and Sunday, September 18th from 11am – 7pm. Unfortunately, Melinda Mae Handbags will only be at the event on Saturday, September 17th. Melinda Mae Handbags will be at the Capsule Design Festival in San Francisco on Sunday, September 18th. More info on Capsule Design Festival to come soon!

The event is free and SJEats will also be in attendance, which means food trucks full of deliciousness! For more info, visit Hope you can make it out to SJMade…go early if you want to enjoy SJEats.

Stay tuned for info on Capsule Design Festival! Hope to see you at one of the back-to-back events!


MM Jam of the Week: Jessie J

You might recognize Jessie J from the MTV Video Music Awards…She was the one singing in a cast before each commercial break. She is becoming more and more popular in the US and has released the pop hit   “Price Tag”. I really like this acoustic version of “Do It Like a Dude” more than the original version. Keep a look out for more of Jessie J. I have a feeling she is going to getting more and more popular. Hope you enjoy! Thanks for sharing BOS!