Monthly Archives: August 2011

MM Jam of the Week: When In Rome

I love this song…I wish that it would get more play on the radio again. This song always makes me happy since it reminds me of some great friends in San Diego. This week’s jam is dedicated to them. =)

MM Jam of the Week – “Candy Rain”

Candy Rain…what an awesome song, right? I hope that all of you still love this song too. =) And Heavy D, even better! Where are these guys now?

Announcing the new Melinda Mae Supermodel

For the 2011 Spring/Summer Line, Louis Vuitton featured their new supermodel, Godfrey Gao. Godfrey Gao is the first Asian male that the high-end brand has used in their advertising and he is quickly becoming known as the first Asian male supermodel, which is very exciting for the Asian community. Look at that fancy suit!

Godfrey Gao for Louis Vuitton

So since such a high end brand introduced their new model and face to represent their brand, I decided it was time to choose my own Melinda Mae Supermodel. Modeling the Melinda Mae Pink Turtles Diaper Bag, here is Melinda Mae’s new Supermodel. =)

No Paparazzi please.... =)


MM Jam of the Week – Jason Mraz

This week’s MM Jam of the Week is a remake of the Modern English song “I Melt With You” from 1982. Jason Mraz remade this song for the “50 First Dates” soundtrack which is one of my fave Hawaii movies. There’s no official video for this song but someone put together clips of “50 First Dates” which is nice too. Enjoy!

MM Jam of the Week – “That’s Not My Name!”

This week’s MM Jam of the Week is the Ting Tings’ “That’s Not My Name”. I have loved this song ever since Victoria’s Secret used it for their infamous fashion show in 2008. It’s such a fun and upbeat song that you can’t help but do the Pony and flip your hair from side to side when you hear it. And what reminded me that I love this song is the movie “Horrible Bosses” in which there is a scene of Charlie Day singing to this song. And btw, anything with Charlie Day is HILARIOUS! Here’s a clip of the scene that someone recorded in the theatre…kinda janky but still funny:

And here is the Ting Tings official music video for the song. ENJOY!

MM Jam of the Week – Jade

This jam will bring you right back to 1992! It’s Jade’s “Don’t Walk Away”! I have heard this song on the radio a couple times recently and it made me want to do the snake while driving. ha This video is a perfect example of the classic 1990’s video: bare midriffs, awesome 90s dance moves, grinding on a stairwell railing, flannel and a huge car phone. Hope you enjoy this week’s jam! Don’t forget to do the snake as you watch the video. It’s not the same without it.