Renegade SF Recap

Renegade Craft Fair was back in San Francisco last weekend and I hope some of you were able to check it out. It was a huge free event held at Fort Mason and featured a bunch of talented and super creative vendors. Over 200 vendors were present which included jewelry, t-shirts, artwork, plushies and much more. The For Mason Center Festival Pavilion is a large location that sits nicely on the water.

I tried to arrive early to avoid the crowds but apparently everyone else was thinking the same thing. My strategy was to go up and down each aisle so I could make sure that I did not miss a thing.

I noticed that there was much more artwork this year and less t-shirts. As always I scoured each jewelry vendor and admired all of their amazing craftwork. There were a couple of handbag designers that worked with leather. What is great about this event is that many of the vendors are from all over the United States. Although I do love to support local, it’s nice to see what other crafters are doing across America. I can’t imagine how they ship all of their products over here. But once it arrives at Renegade, all of their products look very fresh and ready for a home in California. Well I hope you all had a chance to check out this huge event. If not, Renegade will be back again in December! Here are some of the shots I got of the various vendors.

This is a scarf!

This kid was totally relaxing during the craft fair. Do they make adult sized wagons like this?

P.O.P. candy was the most delicious toffee! I should have bought some!

Renegade also comes to Brooklyn, Chicago, Los Angeles, Austin and London. If you are unable to attend these events, you can shop online at


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