Local Label Faire Recap

Last Friday was the 1st ever Local Label Faire and it was fabulous! There were so many people that came out to the event and everyone had a good time. There were about 50 vendors inside and 25 food trucks outside at the Moveable Feast. Here’s some pics of everyone setting up.

Melinda Mae Handbags Booth



I quickly set up the Melinda Mae booth so that I would have enough time to attack the food trucks before the lines started to form.

mmm...food trucks

When I headed out 5 minutes before the event was supposed to start, there were already lines forming for food! I guess that’s the only way to get people to arrive on time…bring food trucks! Lucky for me, I was able to get my favorite, MoGo’s tofu tacos…delicious!

MoGo Tofu Tacos!

I restrained myself from buying too many so that I could save room for more yummy goodness from the other food trucks. Here’s some of the treats that my friends shared with me at the Melinda Mae booth.

Yumsilog lumpia and rice


My refreshing Pink Lemonade


Mo Bowl Five-Spice Pulled Pork


Empanada from Mama's Empanadas

WOW Silog Burrito

I did pick up a tank top from Fullout Clothing, which made me very happy. I was also really happy to see so many good friends stop by the Melinda Mae booth! Thank you to everyone that stopped by! Every event is enhanced by great company. I also got some great shots of my pals at fOLDED, Inc., Mayberry Workshop and ViviKids:

fOLDED, Inc.


Mayberry Workshop


Definitely a successful event! Thank you again for all of you that stopped by! And if you didn’t get a chance to attend this event, keep an eye out for SJMade in September!


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