Preview of the Local Label Faire

So now that you’ve planned out exactly which food trucks you are going to hit and in what order, now it’s time to make a plan for which vendors to stop by at the Local Label Faire! All of the vendors are local designers and makers with the most unique products you’ll find in one spot!

Some of the fantabulous vendors that will be present include my friends from The Higher Culture, Vivi Kids, fOLDED, Mighty Fresh, Mayberry Workshop and much more. I am very excited to check out all of the other vendors which include Empire Vintage, Intwined Bows, Social Villians, Booger Kids and many more. I definitely want to pick up some apparel from Fullout Clothing!

Hopefully I’ll get a chance to look and shop around. I am so impressed by all of the artistic talent and creativity that have come from our own Bay Area neighborhood. And it has been such a wonderful experience getting to know these designers. Not only do they all create high quality one of kind products, but they have been so friendly and kind. I am very grateful to be a part of this community. =)

Here is another look at a Melinda Mae handbag ready to debut at the Local Label Faire!

Melinda Mae 2 Scoops Please Small Bag cream

Teal Corduroy Lining

And I guess you’re wondering…what would I carry in this super cute 2 Scoops Please Melinda Mae Bag? Well, of course you can carry your collectible vinyl toys, like this KidRobot Dunny!

Hello Dunny!

ha well you can also fit your cell phone, keys, digital camera, makeup, etc. But the Dunny is just for good luck. =)

See you all at the Local Label Faire on Friday! Are you ready? Woooooooo! =)


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