I know what you really want to know…

Okay so I’ve been telling you all about the Local Label Faire this Friday in San Mateo and it is going to be spectacular! I am beyond excited about all the amazing vendors that will be at the Local Label Faire!  BUT….

I know what you really want to know…You, like everyone else, want to know which food trucks are going to be at the Moveable Feast! I get it…I love food too so here’s the list of delicious food trucks that will be in attendance at the Moveable Feast at the San Mateo Event Center, right next to the Local Label Faire:

An The Go, Armadillo Willy’s, Babaloo, BBQ Kalbi, Bill’s Hot Dog Cart, Brass Knuckle, Butterscotch on the Go, Cabana Daves, Curry Up Now, El Ranchito, Hiyaaa!, House of Siam, Iz It, Kara’s Cupcakes, Mamas Empanadas, Naked Chorizo, MoGo BBQ, Streetside Kitchen, Tikka Bytes, TreatBot, The Whole Bowl, The Wow, Whisk on Wheels and Yumsilog!

Wow….I was drooling just typing all of the names of the trucks…Mmmmm…Well if anyone is feeling generous, please do bring me some food especially tofu tacos and bulgogi burrito from MoGo BBQ! mmmmmmm….

So if you stop by the Moveable Feast and get your grub on, don’t forget to head over to the Local Label Faire right next to it. =) Here’s a new Melinda Mae bag that will debuting at the Local Label Faire and not yet on the Melinda Mae website:

Melinda Mae Squishy Sushi Large Bag

side view

oooh what's inside

Hope to see you all at the Local Label Faire on Friday! Can’t wait to hear all about all the scrumptious foods you’ve tried at the Moveable Feast! More Melinda Mae debut bags to come!


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