Contest Winner & MM Jam of the Week!

This week’s Jam of the Week is “Sweet Disposition” by The Temper Trap. This is definitely my favorite song on the 500 Days of Summer soundtrack…so that’s right, the picture of the Melinda Mae Instant Vintage Small handbag was taken at Angel’s Knoll in Downtown Los Angeles, which is one of the places where 500 Days of Summer was shot!

So Congratulations to Minal Patel for winning the Where in the World is Melinda Mae Contest!

500 Days of Summer is one of my all time favorite movies and there were some very meaningful scenes that were filmed at Angel’s Knoll. There is even a plaque on the bench where Tom and Summer sat in the film.

It really is a great view of the buildings in downtown LA that lends to some great architecture. It’s a beautifully unexpected park in the middle of downtown LA.

If you get a chance, check it out and if you have not watched 500 Days of Summer, please do! It’s an amazingly well done movie with an even greater soundtrack.

Congratulations again to Minal Patel! =) Thanks for guessing!


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