Etsy Craft Party Recap!

Last Friday, I attended the Etsy Craft Party, which was hosted at the TechShop in San Francisco. I was very anxious and excited since this was the first Etsy meetup and Craft Party that I have ever been to. I had no idea what to expect but the night was full of fun!

ETSY party!

I showed up at the TechShop in SF and there were lots of other Etsy artists and craft enthusiasts…actually hundreds of people! And everyone was mingling, laughing, snacking or doing crafts! There were multiple craft stations to choose from and I chose the Plushie Making Station. There were also stations for button making, crocheting and knitting. At the Plushie Making Station, I had the choice of making a plush robot, squirrel, mustache and many other patterns. And here is what I created!

Can you guess which pattern I chose? =)

Here are more shots of the Etsy Craft Party….

Knitting and Crochet Room

Button Making Station

Happy Crafters!

I had a great time! Awesome job and thanks to the SF Etsy Team! Can’t wait for the next Craft Party!

Check back soon to see the incredible artwork that I happened to find on the same night!


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