Prince Contest Winner and Jam of the Week!

Like I promised, the Jam of the Week this week is the answer to which Prince song is my favorite song…and my favorite Prince song of all time is Adore! Adore was released in 1987 on the Sign O the Times Album. Some of my fave Prince songs include Cream, Raspberry Beret, Diamonds & Pearls, 17 Days, Little Red Corvette, Let’s Go Crazy…the list can go on forever! But I do really love Adore, the lyrics…the melody…truly amazing. I was sadly disappointed when this song was not included in his set during his Welcome 2 America Tour, but he still had an outstanding show. So here it is, the Jam of the Week, Adore by Prince!

If you get a chance, look up Alicia Keys’ cover of Adore on the BET Awards. That was also amazing!

And as for the Prince Contest, no one guessed correctly so I entered everyone who commented into a drawing for the wristlet! And the winner is……PAULINE LE! Congratulations Pauline! I will contact you soon about the wristlet you have won!

And thank you to all of you who tried to guess my favorite song! For all of those that guessed, you will receive a discount code to be used at the Melinda Mae Handbags online store! Thank you for participating! Enjoy Adore!


One thought on “Prince Contest Winner and Jam of the Week!

  1. Conan SS says:

    You should make a Prince Wristlet with purple hearts.

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