Prince is back and a Melinda Mae Contest!

If you haven’t heard, Prince is back in town for 2 more shows of his Welcome to America Tour. He will be playing at HP Pavilion on Thursday, May 19 and Saturday, May 21. I want to go so bad and see him live for the third time but, unfortunately, I got hit really hard with a cold. =( But luckily, I was able to catch him when he was playing at the Oakland Coliseum back in February. Here are some shots that I got from the concert!

Doesn't that stage look awesome?

Do you see the furry boots?

Prince had a few costume changes which included some amazing knee high furry white boots! The concert was packed with people of all ages and everyone was on their feet dancing during the whole concert. There was even a guy behind me with a cane and he was on his feet the whole night! There were some kids in the crowd too which made me happy to see some lucky kids being exposed to Prince’s music. Sheila E also performed with Prince and even did her hit “The Glamorous Life.” She also played the drums during Prince’s set and she looked super fierce. Prince’s stage was constantly changing colors and the jumbo-trons gave us plenty of close-ups of Prince (one shot included a few minutes focusing on his butt HA).

Okay so for the contest! Can anyone guess what my favorite Prince song of all time is? All those that guess correctly will be entered to win this Melinda Mae wristlet!

Melinda Mae Sprinkles Wristlet

See the purple lining...Prince's color! =)

If you’d like to enter the contest, leave a comment with your guess of Melinda Mae’s favorite Prince song by Sunday, May 22. I will announce the winner and my favorite song on Monday…it will be Melinda Mae’s Jam of the week! Prince had so many hits…hope someone can guess it!

Don’t want to enter the contest? That’s fine…but check out the Asian Heritage Street Celebration this Saturday, May 21, and stop by the Melinda Mae Handbags booth! =)


5 thoughts on “Prince is back and a Melinda Mae Contest!

  1. Karen Hiebert says:

    1999. 🙂

  2. Nancy says:

    Little Red Corvette.

  3. Jonas Estrada says:

    Diamonds and Pearls

  4. One of the few songs I know…. Purple Rain? Hahaha.

  5. Jessica Owen says:


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