Another Melinda Mae Baby Bag!

Melinda Mae Lil' Fishies Baby Bag

Here is another custom Melinda Mae Baby Bag that I just finished for a customer. This baby bag was a gift and the lucky recipient’s coworkers chose the Lil’ Fishies fabric for this specific Melinda Mae Baby Bag. This fabric is special because I picked it up in Tokyo and I don’t have too much of this fabric left.

Inner Lining of the Melinda Mae Lil' Fishies Baby Bag

I chose to line the fabric with green cotton to highlight the green leaves on the fabric. Don’t forget that each Melinda Mae Baby Bag is a custom order so you can pick the specific fabric you would like as the outer fabric and the color(s) to contrast! These Melinda Mae Baby Bags are very exclusive since they are not yet featured on the Melinda Mae website.  To order a custom Melinda Mae Baby Bag, please email for fabric choices!

Order your Melinda Mae Baby Bag or any other Melinda Mae handbag before April and 10% of the entire sale will go to the Red Cross Japan Earthquake and Pacific Tsunami Fund.


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