Happy Halloween from Melinda Mae!

Halloween used to be my favorite holiday because I always had so much fun dressing up! Unfortunately, this year I didn’t dress up but for sure, I will next year. Walking by the multiple Halloween stores, I like to see what the popular costumes are.   I did see some great Jersey Shore costumes.


The Situation


Here is the Situation!  If someone is interested in being the Situation for Halloween, you can save some money by just drawing abs on yourself and using a ton of spray tan. Get a can of mousse and grease up your hair and don’t forget the cheesy pick-up lines!




Snooki is another popular costume, but all you really need is a can of hairspray to make the poof and a really tight short dress. And to complete the transition, make sure you do Snooki’s signature sound, “WAHHHH!”

The thing that makes me sad about Halloween is how every costume can somehow be turned into a “Slutty ______”. Here are some examples that are disappointing because they took my wholesome childhood memories and twisted them into really tiny outfits.


Slutty Rainbow Brite



Slutty Care Bear



Strawberry Shortcake



Mrs. Potato Head


And look at how the Disney Princess Costumes got ruined…


Belle from Beauty & the Beast



Aurora from Sleeping Beauty



Snow White


I don’t have anything against people who have worn these costumes, but I wish that there would be a bit more creativity to these costumes and more true to the actual character. What I love most about Halloween is to see everyone’s creativity, especially when people make their own costumes. Anyone want to share what they were for Halloween this year?


One thought on “Happy Halloween from Melinda Mae!

  1. Karen Han says:

    it seems very easy to make it slutty. raise the hemline, add high heels and then raise the socks. amazing…..

    no dressing up for me. too old….so sad. and there is no one I want to be other than me.

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