Squishy Sushi!

Did I get your attention with that post title? Pretty intriguing huh? Well, Squishy Sushi is actually a retail store in San Francisco where you can purchase Melinda Mae handbags!

I met Nicole, the owner of Squishy Sushi, at this past Asian Heritage Celebration where she was selling her own line of earrings, bracelets, pendants, magnets, cuff links, bookmarks and much more made with recycled Japanese washi paper. Nicole is really friendly and has stocked her store with a plethora of awesome items. Inside Squishy Suhi, you can find Fair Trade items, sushi-inspired items, recycled material items and much more. When I went to drop off the first batch of Melinda Mae handbags, I also picked up some great smelling soaps and bath balls.

Squishy Sushi has Melinda Mae wristlets, small bags and large bags currently in stock. Here are some shots of the Melinda Mae handbags at Squishy Sushi.

Squishy Sushi!

Melinda Mae Handbags @ Squishy Sushi!

Hope you can stop in the Squishy Sushi store very soon! Here’s the info for the shop:

Squishy Sushi

1798 San Jose Ave

San Francisco, CA 94112



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