More Melinda Mae Baby Bags

A few months ago, I blogged about the new Melinda Mae Baby Bags and it has been really exciting to see the different patterns and colors that each individual has been ordering. The Melinda Mae Baby Bags are made by custom order only so the customer can pick the main fabric and the contrasting fabrics. Here are some new Melinda Mae Baby Bags that I just made.

Melinda Mae Zoo Time Baby Bag

Side View

Melinda Mae Rockabilly Babe Baby Bag

Melinda Mae Umbrella Baby Bag

Side View

These are just three more possibilities. To see the first two Melinda Mae Baby Bags, please see my post “Melinda Mae 2010 Baby Bags!”  If you’re interested in ordering a Melinda Mae Baby Bag, please email me at! I can send you the link to see the over 130 fabrics you can choose from for your new Melinda Mae Baby Bag!


One thought on “More Melinda Mae Baby Bags

  1. karen says:

    hey! that was my idea.; ) maybe you will beat kate spade and all those other companies. sell them through target, there is a whole deal with them and using new designers. 🙂 I bet they would sell like hot cakes ! 🙂

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