Good times at Market SF!

This past Saturday was my first time selling at Market SF in San Francisco. I traveled to the Mission district in SF at 10am and walked to the Blue Macaw Bar.

The Blue Macaw

I set up my booth and look at my view!

Look at the view...drink specials! ha

Inside Market SF

I brought many clutches and wristlets to sell and even brought some sale clutches.  I was able to spend some time chatting it up with a lot of the other vendors who were all really friendly. I was happy to be indoors the entire time as it felt pretty cold outside. A lot of folks brought their kids and/or dogs so it was a great day for people watching.

Melinda Mae booth!

The dangerous part about selling at independent designer shows is that I always want to buy! There were a lot of jewelry vendors and I picked up these beautiful lace earrings from Leyna Lightman Designs. The lace is from Turkey!

I also picked up a very beautiful necklace from The Trinkets. Here are some great friends that stopped by the show! They even modeled a new clutch! =)

And after the show, we treated ourselves to some delicious Mexican food at Taqueria Cancun! It’s always great to end the day with carne asada nachos! If only the taqueria had carne asada fries…sigh…one day…

It was a great day in SF and hopefully, I’ll spend another day at Market SF again soon! =)


2 thoughts on “Good times at Market SF!

  1. Fred says:

    Those carne asada nachos look good! Here is an idea…buy your own McDonald fries and have them put the carne asada and condiments on top of the fries!

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