Melinda Mae Wedding Day Emergency Kit

For me, 2010 and 2011 are fully packed with weddings, bridal showers and bachelorette parties. It’s an exciting and extremely stressful time since weddings are such life-changing events and there is so much planning that goes into a wedding.  I have a family member getting married very soon and I can see the mountain of tasks and details that need to be taken care of before the big day. So as a bridal shower gift, I gave her a Melinda Mae Wedding Day Emergency Kit, which is simply a medium-sized Melinda Mae handbag with all of the necessary wedding day items.  Here is the Melinda Mae handbag that I made for her to match her wedding colors.

Melinda Mae Wedding Day Emergency Kit

And to turn this Melinda Mae handbag into a Wedding Day Emergency Kit, I filled it with the following items:

  • First Aid Kit (just in case of cuts/scratches..want to make sure not to get blood on the wedding dress!)
  • nail clipper and nail file (for broken nails)
  • feminine products (for an unlucky coincidence)
  • hairspray, bobby pins & hair ties (for any hair touch-ups)
  • floss (we don’t want anything in the teeth for pictures!)
  • chewing gum (gotta make sure you have fresh breath during the vows!)
  • sewing kit (for loose beads/buttons or threads)
  • flip-flops (for tired feet after wearing fancy heels all day)
  • oil-blotting sheets (so you’re not shiny in pictures)
  • hand sanitizer (no germs please!)
  • lotion (for ashy elbows)
  • Tide To Go Pen (this is a must for clumsy or accident-prone ladies like me!)
  • Any other necessary items for the bride!

I have also used a Melinda Mae Large Tote for these Wedding Day Emergency Kits so that the bride can include anything else she thinks she will need on the day of the wedding. These Emergency Kits are great because the bride will have so many other things on her mind that these kits make sure that she will be prepared for any little emergencies. The bride can also use her emergency kit as a handbag after all of the wedding festivities are done!

If you are interested in putting together a Melinda Mae Wedding Day Emergency Kit, email me at and we can find a specific fabric to match any wedding colors and pick the size that will fit everything the bride needs! You can also check on the Melinda Mae website to see if there are any fabrics that match the bride’s personality. Any fabric on the site can be made into a medium or large bag.

Congratulations to all the brides-to-be!


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