Slow Dance with me and win a Melinda Mae clutch!

Haha Ok…So I don’t really mean that you literally have to slow dance with me to win a Melinda Mae clutch. haha Let me tell you how this came about…

Mariah Carey's first album

The other day, FUSE was showing a Mariah Carey Takeover where they were playing all of Mariah’s hit music videos and songs. And they played “Vision of Love”  from Mariah’s first album and I was instantly taken back to my memory of my very first slow dance. It’s funny how I can still remember which song it was after all of these years. I can even remember who it was with, where I was and how nervous I felt to have my very first slow dance. I love how certain songs can bring me back to these very specific memories. After remembering a bit of the past, I thought I would get to know all of you better and have you share which song you danced your very first slow dance to too! And since I haven’t done a give-away in awhile, I decided that by commenting on this post with your first slow dance song, you will also be entered to win this new Melinda Mae clutch from the Melinda Mae Spring 2010 line!

Melinda Mae Check Me Out! Clutch (with pink lining)

Check Me Out! Clutch

So thank you in advance for reminiscing with me about your first slow dance. =) I hope this brings back some great memories and wins one of you a brand new Melinda Mae clutch! Please post your songs by Monday, June 7th and I will announce the winner of the Melinda Mae Check Me Out clutch on Tuesday, June 8th. =)


8 thoughts on “Slow Dance with me and win a Melinda Mae clutch!

  1. Perla says:

    Melinda! How are you? First slow dance…”Rush, Rush…” by Paula Abdul 6th grade camp. Hehe… 🙂

  2. karen says:

    journey-don’t stop believing @ my wedding. 🙂

  3. Diddy says:

    Boyz II Men – Water Runs Dry @ Halloween Dance at Thornton.

  4. linh says:

    boyz II men-one sweet day: winter ball, sophomore year. i’m glad you aren’t asking who the dance was with! kinda embarrassed! if you guess who, i’ll deny, deny, deny!

  5. Loretta says:

    I think the clutch super cute so I’m going to share. =]

    Toni Braxton-Breathe Again

  6. Jonas says:

    I think it was either “Cupid” by 112 or “Dreamin’ of You” by Selena at my 8th Grade Dance

  7. Annalyn says:

    End of the Road, by Boyz II Men. 8th grade dance with a guy that I was in LLUUVVV with named Jimmy. Unfortunately the feelings weren’t reciprocated, so this will also be known as the end of the uncharted road…LOL! I was so nervous and our friends made us dance together. Hot mess.

  8. Colleen says:

    “Truly Something Special” by After 7 at our 6th grade dance. Funny enough, I can remember what I was wearing, but I can’t remember who I danced with to that song!

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