Capsule Design Festival this Sunday 5/23!

This Sunday, May 23rd, will be the Capsule Design Festival in Hayes Valley in San Francisco! I really love selling my Melinda Mae handbags at this festival, which only takes place in May and in October every year. The designers are juried so the products at Capsule are a great sampling of all of the best Bay Area independent designers. There will be about 120 independent designers selling jewelry, apparel, art work, handbags, accessories and other unique items that you may not be able to find anywhere else! This will be my fifth time selling at Capsule and I hope it will be a warm and sunny day in San Francisco. The wind has been strong these days so hopefully the wind won’t blow my handbags and canopy away! The Melinda Mae Handbag booth will be located at Booth #69 at the intersection of Octavia and Linden. I hope I will see you at Capsule! For more info, go to

Here’s a preview of the new Summer 2010 Melinda Mae handbag line that will be sold at Capsule on Sunday! These products are not even available on the Melinda Mae website yet!

Melinda Mae Ice Cream Parlor Wristlet

Melinda Mae Fruit Salad Yummy Yummy Wristlet

Melinda Mae Vines Clutch

There will be more new Summer 2010 Melinda Mae items at Capsule on Sunday! Let me know what you think of the new products! Hope to see you Sunday!


2 thoughts on “Capsule Design Festival this Sunday 5/23!

  1. karen says:

    so cute!!!!!!!!! when are the new designs available for order on the website?

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