Chicago Part 2: Millennium Park

Luckily, I had a few friends that either currently live in Chicago or have lived in Chicago at some point in their lives. So I was able to ask for recommendations and suggestions of sites that I most definitely had to see. And every time I spoke to someone about Chicago, the same thing kept coming up: “You have to see the BEAN!”

So after some research, I found out about Millennium Park, where the Bean is! The Bean is actually an art piece by Anish Kapoor called “Cloud Gate”. As I walked through Millennium Park, I was impressed by the beauty of all of the artwork and structures at the park. And Cloud Gate was even larger than I had thought it would be!


So many people taking pictures!

The Jay Prtizker Pavilion is also  in Millennium Park and is a concert and grass area that can fit up to 7000 people. It’s such an amazing outdoor area and I can only imagine the great concerts that take place there. I’m sure that during the summer months the grass area must be filled with thousands of concert-goers enjoying the summer weather.

Jay Pritzker Pavilion

Here are some of the other shots of artwork in Millennium Park, which includes Contemporary Art from China and the Crown Fountain.

Contemporary Art from China

Contemporary Art from China

Crown Fountain

After strolling through Millennium Park, I headed to the Art Institute of Chicago, which is free on Thursday nights between 5-8pm. I love FREE!

Art Institute of Chicago

Art Institute of Chicago

Art Institute of Chicago

Then I headed back to Cloud Gate to see if there would be less people and to see if I could get some better shots. And I was so happy that I went back. There was still the same amount of people but the Chicago lights reflecting off of Cloud Gate looked so beautiful.

Cloud Gate at night

Cloud Gate at night

Next time, I’ll tell you all about the famous architecture in Chicago! For more info on Millennium Park, go to

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