Welcome to the Windy City! Chicago: Part I

I just recently went on my first trip to Chicago. I had always heard great things about Chicago such as how clean it is, how similar it is to NYC, how friendly the people are and how beautiful the city is. And all of it was very TRUE!

When I arrived in Chicago, I took the train to downtown Chicago and I was able to see the neighborhoods around Chicago and people watch. To get to my hotel on the Magnificent Mile, I had to hop off the train and take a cab to Magnificent Mile. When I came out of the train station, I was instantly reminded of movies such as Spiderman and While You Were Sleeping. While I was taking in the city, someone stopped me and asked if I was lost and needed help. Isn’t it sad that I was shocked that someone would be that nice to help me in a major city? ha

I have so much to say about Chicago because I absolutely loved it so I will be blogging about the various sites, restaurants and stores that I visited. Hopefully this will help some of you if you are planning a trip to Chicago soon!  I was most impressed by the plethora of artwork and architecture in Chicago.  I also noticed that everywhere we went, really great jazz or soul music was playing. I couldn’t believe that coffee shops, stores, hotel lobbies, restaurants and other places were playing Robin Thicke, Dwele, Musiq Soulchild and Common.

To start off my Chicago posts, here are some shots of downtown Chicago that I took when I first arrived. I was so excited to have my camera with me during this trip. What a beautiful city!

Check back for more posts about Chicago…food, architecture, shopping and more!

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