Alicia, Robin & Melanie: WOW!

On April 10th, Robin Thicke, Melanie Fiona and Alicia Keys finished the Element of Freedom Tour in Oakland at the Oracle Arena. I love concerts, especially when there is a line-up of great soulful artists!  I was anxious to see Melanie Fiona since I have never seen her perform live. She performed a few of her hit songs (“Give It To Me Right”, “It Kills Me”) and even sang Chaka Khan’s hit “Sweet Thing” with her powerful voice and rocking a gold sequin dress. After Melanie Fiona’s opening, the stage was set for Robin Thicke’s Sex Therapy set.

Robin Thicke's Sex Therapy

I have seen Robin Thicke perform twice before and this performance was definitely different than the other times. Robin Thicke danced throughout his set and even tossed his suit jacket into the crowd! At one point, Robin Thicke asked the crowd “What does every women need?” And I was thinking, “Shoes?”, but apparently he was alluding to his single, “Sex Therapy.” haha He performed “Lost Without You” as one of his final songs and closed his set by rapping to a Lil’ Wayne song, which was more than a little strange. I enjoyed his performance overall but I still can’t help but picture Mr. Jason Seaver when I see Robin Thicke. eek. Then I think Mr. Seaver and Sex Therapy? Ewww.

oh yea....Growing Pains!

Alicia Keys began her set emerging from a smoke-filled stage within a cage to go with her Element of Freedom theme. This was my second time to see Alicia perform and I was happy to hear her sing her hits, but I was disappointed that she did not play her piano as much as she did at the last concert. I was also hoping she would perform a reggae version of some of her songs as she usually does in performances, but she did not this time.

Alicia is amazing live and I loved when she performed “Like You’ll Never See Me Again”, which is my favorite Alicia Keys song. Not only was I blown away by her voice and performance, but I was also amazed by Alicia’s super high heels!  She performed for about two hours, singing and dancing across the stage and up and down stairs. She changed into three outfits, all which included super sexy high heels! Her most beautiful change was into a flowing mermaid white gown.

Alicia closed the show with “Empire State of Mind (Part II)” and interchanged “New York” with “Oakland” for all of the fans.

I definitely enjoyed the concert…now I’m antsy for the next concert…anybody know of any good shows coming up? =P

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