What’s it all a-BOOT?

It’s March already and it’s still so cold and rainy! Pretty soon, we’ll be having April showers too!  I just came back from a trip in snowy New York City and it was definitely a contrast from the rainy Bay Area. The snow looked so beautiful and delicate from the subway train, but when I stepped off the train, it was freezing and oh so slippery! Since I am not used to the snow, I was not prepared at all with snow-appropriate shoes.  Luckily I had stocked up on my Heatech apparel from Uniqlo so at least my body was warm or as warmer than usual. I do own a pair of rainboots that I purchased at Target a couple years ago for $20, but they are far from acceptable for walking around New York City. So as I wandered around NYC, I couldn’t help but notice the cute and trendy boots all of the women were wearing. And these women weren’t just standing around looking cute, they were hustling and bustling around the subway and the city, so I’m guessing that these boots must be comfortable!  When I returned to warmer California, I was determined to find a comfortable, yet trendy and classic, pair of rainboots.  I mostly found shiny rubber boots, but I really hate the shiny rubber look.  Or I found boots with super bright fish or ducks or polka dots. But I was hoping for boots that I could wear with various outfits and not bring a ton of attention to my boots! So after much research, these are the boots I decided to purchase:

Jeffrey Campbell Marsha Boot

These Jeffrey Campbell Marsha Boots are matte black rubber and are very comfortable. They were $65 on http://www.solestruck.com or $60 on http://www.karmaloop.com. They move very well when I walk and can go with any outfit! I’ve read a bunch of reviews on these boots and most people talk about how comfortable these are and how they’ve worn these for years. So as I am writing this, I can hear the rain outside so I am excited to try these new boots out! So for your playful days in the rain, here are some other options for you!

Target.com $32.99

Nordstrom $115

Urban Outfitters $48

Have fun playing in the rain! =)

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