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Melinda Mae featured on Modern Mouse website!

I hope that some of you had a chance to stop by the Modern Mouse store in Alameda! I had blogged before that Melinda Mae wristlets and clutches are currently available at this adorable retail store: “Melinda Mae in a Retail Store“. And now there will be even more Melinda Mae wristlets arriving very soon at Modern Mouse! Here is a sneak peak at the Melinda Mae wristlets heading to Modern Mouse.

Melinda Mae Umbrella Wristlet

Melinda Mae Edamame Wristlet

Melinda Mae Mocha Wristlet

Melinda Mae Lil' Turtles Wristlet

Also, Melinda Mae Handbags are currently featured on the Modern Mouse website! You can check out the Melinda Mae artist profile here and you can also see Melinda Mae’s story featured on the Modern Mouse homepage.

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Craft Happy was a success!

Craft Happy 3/20/10

Yesterday, I sold my Melinda Mae handbags at the 1st ever Craft Happy Show in Fremont and it was a success! By success, I mean that I had a wonderful time selling at this show and I was able to meet a lot of really friendly folks! There were 38 local designers selling their crafts and the products ranged from t-shirts, jewelry, handmade flowers, handbags, stationery, candy, frames and plush animals. I restrained myself from buying a bunch of products since that is my usual habit at these craft shows. I did, however, buy some cute notecards from Fat Ninja.

Fat Ninja!

The show was also a massive success since I had a lot of wonderful friends and family members stop by the show! That was a pleasant surprise and made the show even more cheerful. Here are some shots of the show:

I was also able to showcase a lot of my new fabrics for the Spring/Summer 2010 collection. My Melinda Mae wristlets were a great hit too! Thank you again to all of you who stopped by the show. =)

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Melinda Mae Craft Happy feature!

The Craft Happy show is this Saturday and I am so anxious for my very first craft show this year.  Here is all the info:

Craft Happy Show
Saturday, March 20th
10am – 4pm
Niles Banquet Hall
37270 Niles Blvd.
Fremont, CA 94536

This will be my first time at this craft show so I can’t wait to meet the other vendors and the organizers, Shelby and Andrew. And Shelby featured me on her blog! Check it out: Melinda Mae @ CRAFT HAPPY. Thanks Shelby! I’ll also be bringing some new Melinda Mae bags from the Spring/Summer 2010 collection. I hope the weather stays nice for the weekend! Hope to see some of you there!

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Get Craft Happy on March 20th!

Another great announcement: My first vendor show of 2010! On Saturday, March 20th from 10am – 4pm, I will be selling my new Melinda Mae handbags at the Craft Happy Show in Fremont!

I will be selling wristlets, clutches, small, medium and large bags made of some of your favorite fabrics, along with some great fabrics that I purchased specifically for Spring/Summer 2010! Craft Happy will have over 30 vendors in an effort to bring indie crafts to the East Bay. Check out the website at to see the other vendors that will be selling their fantastic crafts. There are also a few boutiques near the Niles Banquet Hall, so make sure you spend some time checking out the area. Hope to see some of you there! =) I’ll be busy getting ready for this show…can’t wait to share photos of my new Melinda Mae bags with you…coming soon!

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Edamame Clutch @ Modern Mouse!

Today, I took another lovely trip out to Modern Mouse in Alameda. It was such a beautiful sunny day today so I didn’t mind the drive at all. I dropped off 3 Melinda Mae Edamame clutches to be sold at Modern Mouse to add to the other wristlets and clutches currently being sold there. I love this fabric with its vibrant colors and amazing Japanese pattern. Each clutch is uniquely created because of the beautifully varied pattern of flowers and lined with rich black corduroy. Inside each clutch is a pocket specifically for your ID, chapstick, credit cards or other small items. Each clutch is secured with a magnetic snap.

Melinda Mae Edamame Clutch

If you love this clutch, stop by Modern Mouse or go to to purchase the Edamame clutch online now! And if you haven’t stopped by Modern Mouse yet, you’re missing out! While I was in the store, a few people came in to shop and as I walked around the shopping center, I saw that those folks left holding their Modern Mouse purchases! Every week, Eleen, owner of Modern Mouse, continues to add new and creative products from local independent designers. Want more info on Modern Mouse and to see photos of Modern Mouse? Visit my past post: Melinda Mae at a retail store!

Edamame Clutch

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What’s it all a-BOOT?

It’s March already and it’s still so cold and rainy! Pretty soon, we’ll be having April showers too!  I just came back from a trip in snowy New York City and it was definitely a contrast from the rainy Bay Area. The snow looked so beautiful and delicate from the subway train, but when I stepped off the train, it was freezing and oh so slippery! Since I am not used to the snow, I was not prepared at all with snow-appropriate shoes.  Luckily I had stocked up on my Heatech apparel from Uniqlo so at least my body was warm or as warmer than usual. I do own a pair of rainboots that I purchased at Target a couple years ago for $20, but they are far from acceptable for walking around New York City. So as I wandered around NYC, I couldn’t help but notice the cute and trendy boots all of the women were wearing. And these women weren’t just standing around looking cute, they were hustling and bustling around the subway and the city, so I’m guessing that these boots must be comfortable!  When I returned to warmer California, I was determined to find a comfortable, yet trendy and classic, pair of rainboots.  I mostly found shiny rubber boots, but I really hate the shiny rubber look.  Or I found boots with super bright fish or ducks or polka dots. But I was hoping for boots that I could wear with various outfits and not bring a ton of attention to my boots! So after much research, these are the boots I decided to purchase:

Jeffrey Campbell Marsha Boot

These Jeffrey Campbell Marsha Boots are matte black rubber and are very comfortable. They were $65 on or $60 on They move very well when I walk and can go with any outfit! I’ve read a bunch of reviews on these boots and most people talk about how comfortable these are and how they’ve worn these for years. So as I am writing this, I can hear the rain outside so I am excited to try these new boots out! So for your playful days in the rain, here are some other options for you! $32.99

Nordstrom $115

Urban Outfitters $48

Have fun playing in the rain! =)

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Melinda Mae in a retail store!

I am elated to announce that Melinda Mae Handbags are now available at a wonderful retail store in Alameda called Modern Mouse! So for those of you who have asked when I was going to be in a retail store, the time has finally come!

Modern Mouse in Alameda!

Modern Mouse
is located at (2228 South Shore Center, Unit A, Alameda, CA 94501-5740) in the Alameda Towne Centre in Alameda. The store is near the restaurant, Sushi House, and is directly across from the Nine West store and behind the Beverly’s Craft Store.

Modern Mouse entrance

Inside Modern Mouse, you will find a plethora of wonderfully handmade products from over 80 designers. When you walk into the store, you will be greeted by the store owner, Eleen, who is very friendly and welcoming. Tell her I said hi when you visit the store!

Inside Modern Mouse...

Browsing around Modern Mouse is exactly like attending an independent designer vendor fair but without the crowds and without having to make a quick decision about a purchase because the fair only lasts for a few hours.  It is very relaxed inside Modern Mouse and you will find jewelry, handbags, apparel, stationery, hair accessories and much much more, including Melinda Mae handbags! Here are some of the great products you will find at Modern Mouse.

Currently, Modern Mouse carries Melinda Mae clutches and wristlets. A select collection of Melinda Mae handbags are sold there including the Florigami wristlet, Mocha clutch, Lil’ Turtles wristlet, Aquarius wristlet, Umbrella clutch and Ekahi clutch.

Melinda Mae Handbags available at Modern Mouse (Umbrella clutch, Ekahi clutch, Mocha clutch, Aquarius wristlet, Lil' Turtles wristlet, Florigami wristlet)

The Melinda Mae Umbrella clutch is currently being featured in the Modern Mouse window!

Do you see Melinda Mae clutch in the window? =)

Melinda Mae Umbrella and Mocha clutches

Melinda Mae Aquarius, Lil' Turtles and Florigami wristlets

The Alameda Towne Centre also has other great shopping spots including Old Navy, Trader Joe’s, Bed, Bath & Beyond and is very close to downtown Alameda. So stop by Modern Mouse soon and make a great shopping day of it! You’ll have a wonderful time browsing all of the one of kind products and let me know what you end up purchasing! I know I’ll be buying lots of items from Modern Mouse!  Thank you to Modern Mouse and everyone for supporting Melinda Mae handbags! I am so excited to share this announcement with all of you!

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