Alicia Keys, Robin Thicke and Melanie Fiona, oh my!

On Saturday, April 10th, Alicia Keys is coming to Oakland’s Oracle Arena for her Element of Freedom Tour! And to sweeten the deal, she is coming with Robin Thicke and Melanie Fiona! I am still recovering from the amazing Maxwell concert, but I’m ready for Alicia Keys! If you haven’t listened to the Element of Freedom album yet, you should definitely do it now! Here are my favorite tracks off of the album:
“Try Sleeping With a Broken Heart”
“Unthinkable – I’m Ready”
“Doesn’t Mean Anything”
“Empire State of Mind – Part II”
“Love is My Disease”

Alicia’s previous album, As I Am, was also fantastic and included the tracks “No One”, “Like I’ll Never See You Again”, “Teenage Love Affair” and “Superwoman”. The Element of Freedom album differs from the As I Am album in the tone and mood of her lyrics and melodies. As I Am expresses passionate love and celebrating that love. However, the Element of Freedom explores the sadness and heartache of being away from your loved one and the complications that come with love. Even though this album is not as “upbeat” per se, I still love it and listen to it every morning.

I have seen Robin Thicke live twice before but this will be my first time seeing him perform his Sex Therapy album. If you have never heard of Robin Thicke, I am sure you know his dad, Alan Thicke. Alan Thicke is the dad on the old TV show, Growing Pains. And Robin Thicke looks just like his dad, but he has an awesome soulful voice. Check out his performance on the Jimmy Kimmel Show below. Be prepared for the sexy melody and lyrics! Be warned: If Robin Thicke reminds you too much of Alan Thicke, I would recommend closing your eyes. It’s kinda weird to picture Alan Thicke singing about giving you Sex Therapy. eeek. =P Anyways…check out his performance. Robin Thicke’s Sex Therapy performance

I am also excited to see Melanie Fiona. I have not heard many of her songs but I am anxious to be introduced to her music and I have heard a lot of great things about her. So if you haven’t bought your ticket for the concert yet, buy it here: Ticketmaster

Hope to see you there! You know how I love my live soul music! Please let us know if you hear of any other great soul concerts coming to the San Francisco Bay Area!

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2 thoughts on “Alicia Keys, Robin Thicke and Melanie Fiona, oh my!

  1. Jon Tsurui says:

    Alan Thicke is a far better musician. He co wrote the theme songs to both The Facts of Life and Different Strokes.

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