I miss college days a lot…it was so great being a college student. I miss being able to sleep in until noon, only having one hour of class and nothing else for the rest of the day, late nights chatting with friends and just having a fantastic time! I went to UCSD for college and I have so many amazing memories from those four years. I also met a bunch of really close friends that I am happy that I have still been able to keep in touch with.

So when I found out that a fashion magazine started at UCSD, I was super excited. Fashion Quarterly has just released their winter issue and they featured Melinda Mae! Not only is it great to be featured in their winter issue, but it feels even more special because the issue will be distributed throughout the UCSD campus! And because I LOVE UCSD so much, I’ve decided to give UCSD students an opportunity to receive a discount on any Melinda Mae online purchase and a chance to enter to win a Melinda Mae small bag! To retrieve the discount code, please read the Fashion Quarterly blog on Melinda Mae: http://fashionquarterly.blogspot.com/2010/01/pssst-ucsd-have-post-christmas-pressie.html

And if you’d like to be entered into the Melinda Mae small bag raffle, just join the Melinda Mae Facebook Fanpage (www.facebook.com/melindamae) and leave a comment before February 14th saying that you are a UCSD student or alumni! I will announce the winner after Valentine’s Day.

Aww…reminiscing about UCSD makes me so happy. I’m sure there will be more posts about UCSD and San Diego in the future. =) Thank you to Fashion Quarterly for featuring Melinda Mae! Keep up the great work!

UCSD Price Center

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2 thoughts on “Go UCSD!

  1. Fred says:

    Congrats on the press! Always a pleasure to read about your continued success. I miss those UCSD days.

  2. Angelina says:

    That’s so cool! Congrats on the feature! I love that you also included pictures of the library and Price Center. I miss college too! = )

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