Meet my new BFFs!

It’s been so freezing lately that my body just wants to stay in bed all day. I noticed on my thermostat today that it is 56 degrees in my house…sooo cold. And since my body has still not adjusted to Norcal weather from San Diego weather, I pulled out all of my blankets and all the fuzzy socks I could find. Then someone suggested to me to buy a space heater. I had not thought of it before, but let me tell you…it has quickly become my new best friend!


It comes with me everywhere…to cut fabric, to iron, to sew, to blog, to sleep…EVERYWHERE! So if you are freezing like me, I would suggest you pick one up too. I got mine from Target for only $15!

To survive the cold, I have also purchased Heattech from Uniqlo.  I purchased two long sleeve shirts to wear under everything for extra warmth.  Heattech was developed in Japan and uses 7 technologies: heat generation, heat retention, soft texture, odor control, stretchable comfort, anti-static and non-deforming. And the great part is you can buy Heattech tank tops, long sleeve tops, short sleeve tops, leggings and turtle necks for men and women. Prices range between $10 – $16. Right now, you can check out all of the colors and order them online:

Hope you all stay warm! =)

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2 thoughts on “Meet my new BFFs!

  1. Dee says:

    I love the winter!! But I also have my space heaters too!!

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