Marie Louise Cosmetics Discounts exclusively for Melinda Mae customers!

Marie Louise Cosmetics has generously offered a 20% discount for all Melinda Mae customers from now until 2010! Every Melinda Mae customer will receive the Marie Louise Cosmetics 20% discount to be used on the website,, to buy the all of the Marie Louise Cosmetics.

Marie Louise Cosmetics

I have used some of the Marie Louise Cosmetics and I really love them! Marie Louise Cosmetics are made in Japan and use gentle ingredients to moisturize and cleanse your face.  The products that I especially love are the Moistraiser a-VC and the Restoration Clear Gel.

Moistraiser a-VC

The Moistraiser a-VC is a gentle toner that I have been using after I cleanse my face. After using this product, my skin feels smooth and clear. I have very sensitive skin but this product does not dry out my skin or irritate it. I only need about a quarter size amount and sweep it across my face.

Restoration Clear Gel

This cleanser is amazing! I use it once a week to exfoliate and cleanse my face. I use a couple pumps of this gel and massage it all over my face. As you massage your face, you can feel the dead skin shedding off. Then, just rinse and your face feels refreshed!

And if you go to the Marie Louise Cosmetics site now, you’ll see all of the great holiday deals that are going on right now! So when you purchase a Melinda Mae product from now until 2010, you will automatically receive a 20% discount on all Marie Louise Cosmetics! I hope that you love the Marie Louise products like I do!

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