Find Domo at 7 11!

7 11 stores have been decorating their stores with new Domo decor such as Domo hot dog containers, Domo coffee cups, Domo slurpee cups and Domo displays! They even have a Domo Fiji Apple Slurpee flavor, which is okay but I am still partial to anything with cherry flavor. My favorite part of all this are the collectible Domo straws! So I went on a mission to get all four of the different Domo straws, but unfortunately they were sold out of most of them. I didn’t realize that there are so many 7 11 stores everywhere and I have never visited so many all at one time! So after driving with some friends to 9 total 7 11 stores, here is what I finally collected!

Nacho Libre Domo!

Nacho Libre Domo!

Sucka Free Domo

Sucka Free Domo

Candyland Domo

Candyland Domo

I am missing the last Domo straw, which has Domo wearing headphones and holding a slurpee! I am still hoping to grab one soon…so wish me luck! Here is a link so you can see all of the other Domo items:

Domo is actually a mascot for a Japanese television station and has been gained much popularity in the United States. Domo has even been adopted by Target for many of their holiday products and now 7 11 has adopted this much-loved character.

So stop by 7 11 when you get a chance and see if you can find some Domo straws for yourself! Hurry before they are all out!

Oh and don’t forget to leave a comment on my last post to win a brand new clutch! Contest ends October 31st!


2 thoughts on “Find Domo at 7 11!

  1. SheShe says:

    I found your last domo!! I found him I found him. Got you covered! 😀 Your set will now be complete Mel!

  2. Thyda says:

    The last straw you were looking for, I’m looking for now :/ , my boyfriend gave it to me when we were dating. He made it into a necklace and i never took it off, which was stupid of me. It got worn out by water.. and I was wondering if anyone is selling it because I feel guilty till this day for losing and I reallly want to buy another one.

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